Atari And Litecoin Comes Together For Expanding Boundaries

Atari, one of the largest players in the online gaming industry, has announced its partnership with the litecoin. The development comes across as a significant one, given the large potential that this association could able to realize in the future.

Expressing his excitement and happiness on this coming together, Charlie Lee, the creator of the litecoin reminisced that the real reason behind him becoming the computer engineer is his love for video games. Lee vividly remembered his Atari 2600 gaming console that he bought as his first purchase way back in the past.

Collaboration Opportunities

The potential benefits of this association would be multifold. Not only the litecoin would find the use in the entire ecosystem of the Atari gaming platform, but this association could also result in collaboration in other potential areas such as selling joint merchandising. Atari has a number of popular games to its kitty, and with now litecoin to its fold, users will get extra convenience of payment through cryptocurrency. Atari is soon going to release its native token in the market, and potential buyers can make use of the litecoin as a purchasing currency.

Views of Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee sees a great opportunity in this partnership, specifically from the viewpoint of cryptocurrency adoption.

The integration of the litecoin will open a range of possibilities for the digital currency to invite users to see how the cryptocurrency can be utilized for various transactions and purchase purposes in real-world scenarios. The partnership will also provide an opportunity to avail special discount on the much-awaited Atari VCS. In addition, Lee envisages that the partnership will become a preferred mode of payment not only in the gaming sector but also across the businesses and industries in which Atari has a dominant position.


It will be interesting to witness whether the optimism expressed by Lee on this partnership proves to be in the right direction or not. There is hardly any doubt about the efficacy of the partnership, and this powerful integration of different yet complimenting brands is expected to create synergies that will help both organizations to go forward and post good numbers on their top line as well as bottom-line growth. Creation of the trust, transparency, and genuineness is the key to go forward from here, and if both companies are able to stick to their strong points, then this partnership will definitely result in something big for both organizations.

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