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Bayern Munich Crushes Chelsea to Emerge Victorious at the League

The result of the Champions League was not exactly a shocker for the die-hard fans of soccer. From the stunning match of February in which Bayern knocked out the Blues, there was no doubt that the result would be even more magical for the German Club at the Champions League. The Champions League 2020 highlights focused on the way Serge Gnabry struck twice brilliantly in the second half before Philippe Coutinho allowed Alphonso Davies to enter the match.

Right from that moment, the champions of Bundesliga became the tip of the SBOBET observer as the most probable winner of the 2020 championship competition. Some of the most prominent highlights of the match include the three outstanding goals right before kick-off. Bayern accelerated their advantage in the game within about ten minutes, and they had fun for the rest of the match as they were confident of victory at the Allianz Arena.

Gnabry supplied a clever pass to Lewandowski, who promptly responded to the pass at lightning speed, overtaking Willy Caballero, who was brought down, resulting in a penalty shoot. The penalty was taken smoothly care of by the Polish frontman who scored the 52nd goal of this season.

The next brilliant move was made by Thomas Muller, who shoved off Mateo Kovacic and passed the ball to Lewandownski. At this point, Chelsea scored a goal, much to the disappointment of the Bayern fanatics, but soon after, the goal was declared to be offside. Nonetheless, Tammy Abraham managed to shoot another goal on behalf of his Club, Chelsea, after Manuel Neuer kicked an Emerson cross at the goal-scorer. Abraham’s goal was quite a comfort for Chelsea fanatics, especially because Chelsea has lost three of the top players to injuries at the FA Cup final match against Arsenal.

The nineteen-year-old winner of the award Bundesliga’s Rookie Of The Year, Davies of Bayern Munich, maneuvered his Club to a flawless victory, and would have scored a goal as well, had it not been for the super save by Kurt Zouma of Chelsea.

Under Flick, Bayern has won 30 out of 33 matches and has scored 104 goals conceding only 24. The remainder of the Championship shall be played at Lisbon and the quarter-final will be between Barca and Bayern on Friday.

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