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Tennessee Titans let go of its veterans

Football sees a total of four veterans bid adieu to their side after the Tennessee Titans announce the release of Robert Woods, Taylor Lewan, Randy Bullock, and Zack Cunningham. The announcement was made this Wednesday; however, some veterans were already expecting this to happen.

Releasing four names from the list has given the Tennessee Titans a salary cap space of $38 million. A few believe that this is the best time to onboard new talent for the spirit of winning with great on-field aggression. The salary cap space is according to the reports of Pro Football Focus.

Taylor Lewan was enrolled in 2014, allowing him to spend nine years of his career with the side. He was drafted No. 11 overall that year. Following the announcement, Lewan revealed that he was kind of expecting this to happen. The statement was given to the media and not on Twitter, where he has otherwise expressed his hopes of serving the team well by creating something every fan can be proud of.

Once the best offensive lineman riding on favorable outcomes at all the football betting sites, Lewan neared the end of his career with injuries taking over for most of the time. Lewan suffered four torn ACLs to miss eleven games in 2020, followed by four games in the next year and two games in the previous year, citing a knee injury as the reason.

2019 did not go according to the plans set by Lewan after he was suspended by the NFL under the banned substance abuse policy.

Robert Woods spent last year’s season with the Tennessee Titans after he was traded from the Rams. His season was on a loosely floating boat with the statistics of catching 53 balls for 527 yards and two touchdowns in 17 games. Woods, too, came closer to the last phase of his career with injuries clouding over his body.

Free, he tweeted following the release announcement made by the Tennessee Titans. Randy Bullock was with the Tennessee Titans for the last two seasons.

A.J. Brown was traded to the Eagles only to see him flourish in the post-trade phase. The replacement – Treylon Burks – on the other hand, went for a toss by missing the playoffs.

Titans now have a huge task at their hands, having lost consecutive games in the last days of 2022 and early days of 2023. The previous defeat came against the Jaguars for a margin of 20-16. While the Titans started with the promise of continuing the momentum, the Jaguars turned the table to their side beginning the second quarter. A fight from the Titans fell short because the Jaguars only multiplied their efforts and, thereby, their scores on the board.

The Cowboys rather delivered a larger defeat of 27-13 by not letting the Titans settle right from the beginning of the game.

Now that four veterans have been released from the Tennessee Titans, its management has a shot at revising the entire line-up for redemption.

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