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FanDuel shells out $20M to NFL prop bet

FanDuel, a sportsbook, recently set a parlay of +20,000 that would roll out cash provided every team scored at least one field goal on Sunday at 1 pm ET, 4:05 pm ET, and 4:25 pm ET. To everyone’s surprise, that’s precisely the outcome noted this weekend. As a result, FanDuel had to shell out $20 million to settle the deal with those who took a chance with the rare odds.

FanDuel itself confirmed it on X, which was formerly Twitter. They announced the win for the Kickers, adding that every team had made at least 1 field goal. Thereby, making them pay the winners a total of $20 million. As a matter of fact, they teased this result by saying that they had just got a call from the Accounts Department.

Followers of FanDuel have taken this in the right spirit, with most of them mocking the brand in return, saying that such instances should happen at least once a week. FandDuel Casino has responded in the comment section, saying that it has single-handedly made a lot of people happy this Sunday.

FanDuel has simultaneously taken note of the habits of some of the bettors. It has, therefore, decided to expand its efforts in responsible gaming amid the celebrations of Responsible Gaming Education Month. The two personalities who have joined the brand in its efforts are Tom Kim and Carli Lloyd.

They will now work with the sportsbook brand, helping spread awareness about tools and options that can control gaming habits. For example, people who find themselves vulnerable to falling into such a pit can make the best use of time limits and wager limits.

Ambassadors for responsible gaming with FanDuel, that is Tom Kim and Carli Lloyd, will engage with the content and campaigns with other personalities like Kay Adams and Rob Gronkowski.

Tom Kim will likely use the platform to advocate for responsible gaming, while Carli Lloyd has spoken her heart out to express excitement at spreading awareness. Carli has highlighted that it is best to have the right mindset, which views gambling purely as entertainment and not as something where you can risk everything to earn money. Entertainment, here, refers to experiencing joy, but with a restricted limit to protect personal finances.

This image, or initiatives like these, could come in handy when FanDuel presents itself as a contender for the betting license in Kentucky. Bet365 is in line as well along with many other NFL betting sites.

The last event of the NFL, specifically, ended in a close encounter, with the Browns bringing up 22 points as their opponents went on to put up 26 points on the board. The Steelers clinched the victory in the last quarter by scoring 7 points and restricting the Browns to nothing. Both sides will now have one win and one loss each by the end of Week 2 of 18.

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