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NFL Odds – Bengals and Browns may have their hands full on sunday

The defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals may not have found their footing completely. With the Baltimore Ravens looking somewhat revived, they will have a battle on their hands as they pursue a second straight AFC North title. 

On Sunday, they’ll be facing a New Orleans Saints team that showed a great deal of proficiency last week against Seattle behind Taysom Hill, who is the NFL’s version of a Swiss Army Knife. 

How will things eventually turn out for the Bengals, or for that matter, other favorites like the Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, and San Francisco 49ers? We’ll take a look at these games with the latest odds from BetOnline: 


NFL odds: Bengals-3 / Total 42.5 (Over – 113, Under – 107)

It’s not so much that we’re big fans of the Bengals at this point in time, but somewhere along the way, the fatigue factor has to set in with the Saints, who came off that trip to London to engage in a shootout against the Seattle Seahawks. And we highly doubt that Cincinnati’s defensive staff will be taken by surprise with the versatility of Taysom Hill, where apparently Seattle was not even ready. We still can’t be altogether sold on the receiving corps in New Orleans, aside from Hill, of course. 

The Play: BENGALS -3


Pro Football Odds: Colts -1.5 (-116) / Total 41 (Over -115, Under 105) 

In this particular instance, it is rather deadly for the Colts to be without both Jonathan Taylor, who is simply one of the NFL’s premier running backs and Nyheim Hines, who provides a nice receiving outlet out of the backfield. With the way the offensive line has been performing, there’s not a big margin of error for Matt Ryan, who has managed to fumble the ball seven times and suffer 21 sacks. 

For whatever reason, Jacksonville has Indianapolis’ number; in the second week of the season, as the Colts should have been sky high for a revenge effort from last year’s season finale, in which they were ousted from playoff consideration, they lost 24-0. So excuse us if we don’t have a lot of faith in their ability to get some payback again. Jacksonville has stumbled the last couple of weeks, but they’re still much more alive under Doug Peterson than they were with last year’s disaster, Urban Meyer.

The Play: JAGUARS + 1.5


BetOnline NFL odds: Browns – 2.5 (- 116) / Total 43.5 (Over – 115, Under – 105)

The Patriots will once again be starting Bailey Zappe, the rookie out of Western Kentucky, at quarterback. And Bill Belichick has confidence in him to be able to manage this game. That’s all he might have to do, as Cleveland is wide open for opposing ground games which sets highest NFL betting odds, giving up 5.3 yards per carry, and that included 238 to the Chargers. They had previously done their business almost exclusively through the air. 

The Play: PATRIOTS + 2.5 


NFL Betting Lines: Niners – 3.5  (- 113) / Total 45.5 (Over – 115, Under – 105)

Atlanta’s offensive line has done a heck of a job on its way to a perfect spread record (5-0 ATS). The Falcons lead the league in rushing yards before contact what’s San Francisco’s defensive front might be the best in pro football right now. The Niners have given up only three yards per carry, and their defense has given up fewer yards per drive than anyone else. 

In other words, they can slow down what Atlanta does best. Jimmy Garoppolo has thrown just one interception in 107 attempts. And the ground game has been good enough to carry the load. That kind of thing should continue, as the Falcons have shown no real home-field advantage to speak of at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Play: NINERS -3.5

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