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Betsafe flouts Lithuanian gambling laws

The Lithuanian Gambling Supervision Service has reached the conclusion that Betsafe has been in breach of the gambling laws as laid down by the gambling regulators. However, they have not levied any sort of sanctions on the company. Incidentally, Betsafe is a sports betting and iGaming operator and is owned by Betsson. 

The regulator discovered the fact that it was Losimu Strategine Grupe UAB that was responsible for trading in the name of Betsafe and breached the Gambling Law of the Republic of Lithuania. They had been instrumental in entertaining Ezugi’s Sic Bo, which is a live dealer solution provider, on their website, sans a valid certification. Sic Bo’s dice game offering was not according to the rules laid down by the country’s regulators. Betsafe, too, came into the picture because of the player gambling winnings that came from the game. However, after much deliberation, the regulator was of the opinion that the breach was not very serious in nature. 

The regulator took cognizance of the fact that they received complete cooperation from Betsafe in terms of the inspection carried out. Betsafe also provided them with all the information they asked for. Another factor going in favor of Betsafe is that it has had no previous record of any misdoings. The company kept itself away from any kind of earnings accrued from the breach, and no player seemed to have come under any sort of inconvenience or fraud. For the regulator, all of these factors added up to the fact that no real damage was done, and therefore, there was no pressing requirement for levying sanctions of any kind on the company. Betsafe casino, on its part, has the choice of appealing against the verdict. 

So far as the Supervision Service is concerned, they have penalized Baltic Bet an amount of 16,705 euros for breaking the set gambling rules. They were also instrumental in penalizing  Top Sport three times for matters related to payments, as well as mobile betting and underage betting.  

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