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Betting In Online Casinos Has Increased While Sports Betting Decreases In July

The betting avenues in New Jersey seem to have switched track in July. Despite the NBA Finals and Olympics, betting on sports seems to be at a low. Instead, betting enthusiasts seem to have switched their focus towards gambling at online casinos. A seemingly national trend has shown that betting on sports appears to lessen in July. 

According to PlayNJ, a company that provides gambling services online, casinos in Atlantic City in New Jersey have raised around $450.6 million in online gambling in July. The chief analyst at PlayNJ, David Danzis, explains that during July, summer tourism and travel reach an all-time high. At this time, the company has noticed that sports betting decreases. 

Danzis explains that online gaming at casinos, retail casinos, and online sports betting forms a system that ensures a constant flow of income that has proved the New Jersey gaming industry to be the highest in the country. 

During July, baseball was the most popular sport bringing in around $195.4 million, a major jump from the $169.3 million that was earned in June. Despite the NBA Finals that took place in July, online basketball betting garnered only $74.8 million in July as compared to the $190.9 million that was earned in June. 

Sports betting was not supplemented by the Olympics either. An analyst at Network, Eric Ramsey, explains that this fall in sports betting on the Olympics could be due to the time differences. While the NBA Finals prevented a monumental decline in betting on the gaming industry, the Olympics opened doors for a new market of customers. Online casinos, however, seem to have a steady flow of income, earning a gross total of $115.6 million in July.

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