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Kenny Pickett takes Over Steelers in a Losing Game Against Jets

The New York Jets inched 4 points above the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the game in the last minute. However, the major highlight remained Kenny Pickett replacing Mitchell Trubisky in the second half of the game. Points were pretty close as the half-time ended with 6-10 for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before being called off the field, Mitchell Trubisky had done much of his team’s work. He completed 7 out of 13 passes for 84 yards while his team collectively gained 147 yards of total offense. Six points went on the board, with 3 of them coming from penalties.

Michell Trubisky left the field disappointed, according to some reports. Sunday’s game could have been better.

As per the sports news, Mike Tomlin, the Head Coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, felt otherwise and said he thought the team needed a spark. Mike Tomlin admitted that the team did not do much in the first half.

Kenny Pickett replaced Mitchell Trubisky in the game against the New York Jets, but the change is not permanent. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a game against the Buffalo Bills on October 09, 2022. Mitchell Trubisky could still return to the field. The decision is entirely due for the next week, and the Head Coach wishes to see how the situations work out.

Mike Tomlin stated We would deal with next week, clearly hinting that neither the change is permanent nor a decision has been made for the next week’s game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers did take a lead of 13-10 over the Jets when Kenny Pickett scored his career’s first touchdown. Celebrations stopped when only 18 seconds were left on the time scale. The New York Jets scored the winning point in those crucial seconds and won the game fair & square.

Earlier, with 3 points to cover up, the Jets ensured they had enough time to tie the game or win it. Possession in their hands gave them the victory to take away the sweet moment for Kenny Pickett.

The first quarter was zero for the Steelers; however, the Jets went ahead with 3 points. The Steelers attempted to get even, only to be left behind by 4 points this time. The Jets scored 7 points to gain the lead before both teams went for halftime.

Energy levels were up for the Steelers to give them seven remarkable points as the board stood still for the Jets. While the Steelers maintained the wave, the Jets came crashing down by scoring twice as many points on the field. The total tally went for the Jets by just 4 points. NFL betting sites went for a toss as odds mostly seemed to favor the Steelers.

Mitchell Trubisky left the field disappointed, only to see his team join him in the club. The last 18 seconds could have gone either way.

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