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Jordan shocks South Korea 2-0 in Semis to reach first final

Jordan played their first-ever Asian Cup semi-final on Tuesday. The football game was against a giant team, South Korea. They were the favorites despite not bagging the crown since 1960. Jordan ranked 65 places below their opponent. The scare of Semis was at the top, but Jordan did not let that affect their mentality. In the end, South Korea went home disappointed with a 2-0 tally.

Son Heung-min is devastated following the loss. There was simply no answer to the attacking duo of Taamari and Naimat. The winners will next meet Iran or Qatar in the tournament finals.

The first half was a silent one, with neither side scoring a goal. In the second half, Yazan sliced his way to the scoring area. His kick made it through Cho for the opener in the 53rd minute. Musa Al-Taamari quickly followed it and spent the next 13 minutes navigating his way around the Korean side’s defensive line. Naimat and Tamari are now tasked with maintaining this momentum in the finals.

Jordan struggled with retaining the ball to their feet. Opponents rather had the majority of it, reflected in the stat as 70%. They could not convert a single shot to the point.

On the other hand, Jordan had merely 30% of the total possession but could manage to take 17 shots, with 7 of them on target. Cho was certainly busier than Abu Laila. Last-minute changes in Jordan were not necessary. The game went to ET over the usual 90-minute run. The Korean side, too, made a couple of changes, but that was before the general run time ended.

One question to consider is whether substitutions could have taken place before to fuel the attack.

South Korea have been closer to losing moments earlier, but they have always made a comeback to at least draw the football event. That is how they finished in the second position in Group E, one above Jordan and two above Malaysia. Such dynamics within Group E not only shape the tournament’s narrative but also capture the interest of those engaged in football sports betting, seeking strategic insights to enhance their wagering experience.

South Korea and Jordan previously met during the league matches. The event was a 2-2 draw, with the Korean side reclaiming dominance in the ET over 90 minutes when Al-Arab scored an OG. There were two own goals in that match. The first one was by South Korea when Park Yong-woo lost his focus in the 37th minute.

Possession domination was also evident, as it was with the Semis. Except that South Korea managed to take a greater number of shots, most of which were on target.

Iran and Qatar have been unbeatable in the football tournament, the Asian Cup. Both sides finished at the top of their tables, now geared up to lock horns on Wednesday for a spot in the final lap.

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