BGaming unleashes Capymania

BGaming, an esteemed supplier of iGaming content, has added Capymania, the third segment of scratch games, to its standard selection of online games. This feature will enable connected gamers to acquire prizes through the practice of apple bobbing. These three yellow, green, and orange instant-win games will feature turbo-oriented features, automatic play, and limit ceilings. 

Proceeding from the former triumph of Scratch Alpaca, BGaming games invites players to accompany a relaxed capybara as he floats along the river, enjoying drinks, sunbathing, or swimming with his rubber duck. In order to commence, participants are obligated to acquire a card and decipher its nine digits via scratching. A winning combination requires them to match three values.

Every game comes with a separate winning process and a well-turned-out capybara. In the case of the orange game, the cards are priced at 0.10 euros, offering the gamers the opportunity to receive 10,000 euros. For the green card, the price of the card stands at 1 euro, and there is a chance of walking away with 100,000 euros in the form of a jackpot. The green game comes with a capybara with a mustache, the price of a card being 2.5 euros, and a possible winning amount of 250,000 euros. 

As per the latest gaming news, for those who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience, auto-play can be utilized to record a predetermined number of rounds and monitor the progress of animated and scratching activities. The utilization of turbo mode expedites the overall exposure process, eliminating the need for manual scratching and revealing the final values. The fact that all three Capymania games have loss and win limits makes the scenario more feasible for the players.

Mikalai Dzneladze, the chief casual game producer at BGaming, asserts that the exclusive Capymania games feature a 97% RTP and a high degree of volatility. Furthermore, an x100,000 growth potential is included, contingent upon the level of investment made to accommodate the diverse needs of the players. In addition to an enticing main character, the games feature animated visuals and a captivating background melody. They are, in his opinion, capitalizing on the achievements of the prior collection of scratch games. Their group is certain they will achieve success with the recently introduced Capymania, for which they have high hopes.

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