Bragg Gaming Group obtains B2B supplier license

Bragg Gaming Group has successfully managed to obtain for itself a B2B supplier license in Sweden, through which gamers will be able to remain connected with the content provided by the company through its distant games server. 

The entity is known to have been present where the markets of Sweden are concerned ever since the year 2019. However, the present situation is that there has been an initiative taken by the Spelinspektionen to block all offshore online gambling. As a matter of fact, all of the game content providers have been given the 1st of July, 2023, as the deadline for making arrangements for accreditation, or else they will simply have to shut shop. 

However, as far as the Bragg Gaming Group is concerned, Sweden is an integral part of its overall plans related to Europe, and the entity wants to continue its business operations in the territory even more aggressively. The idea for the company is to attain the position of having an overall stronger hold so that they carry on with their plans of venturing further into the markets of Europe. As per the information in the public domain, in the year 2022 itself, the revenue generated was roughly the amount to the tune of US$1.2 billion from online gaming activities. 

According to the COO of Bragg Gaming Group, Lara Falzon, they are extremely careful about toeing the line where all of the regulatory factors are concerned. In his viewpoint, they have always aspired to keep every part of their business overboard and completely transparent. They are always looking for a way to spread their territory but in an absolutely legalized way, also for the benefit and convenience of their connected players, who seem to have a lot of expectations from them. 

As an entity, Bragg Gaming Group is into providing iGaming technology, as well as high-level content. It is associated with numerous high-end operators, who are both online as well as brick and mortar, to whom it offers unique content, along with absolute new-age technology. 

The entity’s almost over-packed arsenal consists of some of the most sought-after casino gaming titles, such as Wild Streak Gaming, as well as Spin Games, Atomic Slot Lab, Indigo Magic, and Oryx gaming. 

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