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Bragg Gaming positions its aggregation platform live

Bragg Gaming Group’s aggregation platform is now operational with Superbet. As a result of this, the company will become the operator’s primary supplier in Brazil.

Bragg Gaming will provide Superbet with its proven portfolio of games, including the most popular titles from its in-house studios, Indigo Magic and Atomic Slot Lab. This will be supplemented by content gathered from primary intermediaries. The corporation will now be able to expand its presence in the lucrative Brazilian markets. The country is working to revise its current set of regulations governing online sports betting and gaming.

In the opinion of the regulatory authorities in Brazil, the reformed regulations will make the country the most favored destination internationally for online gambling in 2024.

Before the understanding between the two companies, Superbet was instrumental in introducing its latest Happening platform in Serbia and Belgium. To that purpose, Bragg Gaming is providing the operator’s and brands of online casinos with access to its library of material.

According to the Commercial Director of Bragg Gaming Group, Matej Nemec, they have already experienced tremendous growth potential in various markets globally through their association with Superbet. It is now their opportunity to create their space in Brazil. In his view, their casino content has witnessed tremendous success in Latin America, and the trend will continue in the markets of Brazil.

According to the casino news, Adam Shaw, Superbet’s chief revenue officer, has stated that the partnership with Bragg Gaming presents numerous opportunities for the expansion of Superbet’s company in Brazil. He strongly feels that with the introduction of the new regulatory structure, they will be in a position to exploit the Brazilian market even further, all the more with the iconic content supplied by Bragg Gaming.

Bragg Gaming is a content-oriented iGaming technology supplier targeting online as well as brick-and-mortar gaming operators. To its credit, the company has established and much sought-after content, along with its new-age technology. These include titles such as Wild Streak Gaming, Spin Games, Atomic Slot Lab, and a whole list of others.

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