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Breaking down Euro 2024 qualifications

The UEFA Euro is scheduled to happen from June 14, 2024, to July 14, 2024. Fifty-three teams are fighting for qualification except for hosts Germany, who would directly meet them in the finals. This article aims to analyze the qualification process for Euro 2024 and provide an update on the standings of the top teams.

A total of 53 teams have been divided into 10–7 groups, comprising 5 teams each, and 3 groups, comprising 6 teams each. The final lap will fetch 20 teams plus Germany. The winners of the playoff games will fill the remaining spots. It will have teams based on their performance in the 2022–2023 Nations League.

The three spots will feature the winners of Leagues A, B, and C. However, the spot will be rewarded to the next team if they have already made their place on the charts.

Teams that have fixed their place in the finals are:

Group A Spain and Scotland
Group B France and the Netherlands
Group C England
Group D Turkiye
Group E Albania
Group F Belgium and Austria
Group G Hungary and Serbia
Group H Denmark
Group I Romania and Switzerland
Group J Portugal and Slovakia

The list is time-sensitive and true at the time of drafting this article. More teams will make it to the list as they play upcoming games and win events.

Ukraine and Italy are fighting for the spot in Group C. Both teams will lock horns the next day. It all comes down to the team that wins the match, for they have the same number of points. Hence, GD will not really have any impact in the end. Ukraine and Italy feature 13 points each from 4 games that they have won out of 7 played.

Croatia from Group D can make it, provided they do not lose the game. The side has 13 points, followed by Wales, who have 11 points to their name. Croatia will meet Armenia for their next event.

Poland will reach the finals only through the playoffs now. They lost their event against Czechia, now standing on the table of Group E with 11 points. Czechia will face Moldova in a must-win event, losing which could disappoint them.

Slovenia must either win or land a draw to advance to the next game. Group H will heat up if Kazakhstan comes out stronger than them. Landing a draw should not be difficult, considering the most recent event between Scotland and Norway experienced the same emotion. Football betting sites are optimistic that better teams will make it to the next round. However, a bad day for a team could be a worse day for their fans.

Upcoming games to look out for are North Macedonia vs. England, Czechia vs. Moldova, and Albania vs. the Faroe Islands.

Meanwhile, the FIFA Under-17 World Cup is now in the Round of 16 stage, with Brazil and Ecuador scheduled to open the gates. The event will be followed by Spain vs. Japan in the next time slot.

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