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Cam Akers returns to practice with the Rams

Cam Akers has returned to the Los Angeles Rams after taking a break in Week 6. His return was announced by Sean McVay, the Head Coach of the Rams. The team is scheduled to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 07, 2022. A lot of speculation states that Cam Akers will be back on the field too.

Akers taking a break attracted tons of rumors, with most stating that there were philosophical and football-related differences between him and the head coach. Cam came forward to clarify that there was no such issue, hinting that there was no desire from his side to be considered for a trade-off.

McVay, however, hinted that the team was considering a trade-off days after Akers left. Tuesday’s deadline saw no response from the team, and Akers now stands with the Rams for their upcoming matches.

Akers comes in handy when the games are big. In the five games he has played from Week 1 to Week 5, Cam has produced 151 yards with 51 carries and a single touchdown. Figures need to be better, some believing they could have been better if more chances were awarded to him. A lack of usage surprised everyone who now believes that that affected the overall performance of the Rams RB.

The Rams are in 31st position, ready to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday. The Rams are carrying forward a demotivating record by losing three events and winning just one against the Panthers with the final tally of 24-10 in their favor.

Their losing relay began with the 49ers clinching victory with a huge margin of 24-9, followed by the Cowboys, who put up a total of 22. It turned out to be enough to fight the total of 10 scored by the Rams.

Victory against the Panthers came during the third quarter when the team put a halt on the scoring momentum of their opponent while taking 10 points away. The Panthers started fairly well with 3 points. The second quarter was balanced, with both teams scoring 7 points each. After halftime, nothing came up from the Panthers, and the Rams took away 17 points.

Akers was not a part of the last two games. The Rams managed to win one of them. Odds on NFL betting sites are likely to bend either way, depending on how well Akers puts up the show. He was decently used by the head coach in his available games.

Probably higher confidence by McVay can make things happen for the Rams. The Buccaneers will be prepared for whatever comes their way.

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