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Cardinals Win as Albert Pujols Hits 693rd Regular Season HR

The week started with a bang as the Cardinals took their winning streak to eight. The primary reason behind the win was Albert Pujols since the player hit his 693rd regular season home run.

The shot made Pujols tie with Barry Bonds for the most pitchers homered. This was Pujols’ seventh home run in the past 12 days, showcasing the player’s ongoing form. It looked like Pujols came ready to score for the Cardinals during the second inning when the player almost hit a home run.

After returning to the dugout, Pujols reviewed the hit in the after-game interview. The player realized that hitting the ball towards the gap at Wrigley Field would be a more sensible play.

This play was executed during the seventh inning on a neck-high pitch. Pujols ripped the ball to score the 30th home run at the Wrigley Field. The home run proved the game-changer as it ended in a 1-0 win for the Cardinals. The Baseball betting punters would have won big if they had betted on the Cardinals in this thrilling game.

Yadi Molina chatted with Pujols during the break, where the player mentioned the adjustment. Even Smyly was impressed at Pujols’ hitting abilities as the player struck a neck-high pitch out of the ballpark, as per the recent sports news.

Experts even praised the hit, stating Smyly threw the fastball to the target, but Pujols is The Machine for a reason. The idea behind the pitch was to change Pujols’ eye level and then choose a different pitch. 

Despite achieving the impressive feat of homering 449 different pitchers, Pujols stated that who is on the mound does not matter. The player primarily focuses on the swing, which is why Pujols has been capable of homering that many pitchers.

Needless to say that the right-handed hitter is one of the best players in the game’s history. With Pujols’ retirement not in sight, the player is expected to break some more records before leaving the sport.

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