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Brazil beat Portugal 3-2 in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup

Brazil and Portugal locked horns at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024 in Dubai. The team that landed a victory was Brazil, 3-2. They were near the losing moment, or at best, closer to landing a tie. Then entered Mauricinho, who found a dramatic way to bring life back to his side in the concluding moments. Portugal was restricted to a double as Brazil went on to bag a triple net point.

Mauricinho earned Player of the Match. Others who contributed to the Brazilian advantage were Rodrigo and Catarino, plus slight mistakes caused by the opponent. Jordan led Portugal and Be Martins. The moment when Portugues marked a comeback was when they were given a penalty.

Bobo, the goalkeeper for the Brazilian team, said they were fortunate to save the penalty, which would otherwise have gotten them into trouble. Bobo further appreciated the genius of Mauricinho.

Jordan found peace with the fact that they gave everything they had, saying that the loss was still a victory for them considering everything they went through.
The last time Brazil lost to Portugal in FIFA Beach Soccer was in the 2005 Semi-Final through penalties. Now they have 8 consecutive wins against them, including the recent win in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024, a football tournament that has 16 teams contesting for the knockout right now. They will advance to the last eight and then the semi-finals.
It is noteworthy that Brazil made 47 attempts to score a goal, whereas Portugal managed only 40. Additionally, they were firing more shots at the objective. The number of off-target strikes was identical, at 22.

That said, Colombia and Mexico are out of the competition, while Oman still has a few lives left to qualify for the next round. Belarus delivered an upset by defeating Japan 3-1. Mexico and Colombia lost to Oman and Senegal, respectively, keeping them on the edge for the next edition of the global football event. The only score that Japan landed was an OG by Kanstantsinau. Belarus soon nullified their mistake by putting forward the feet of Bryshtsel, Drozd, and Avgustov, making it an intriguing turn for FIFA betting enthusiasts.

Khalid snatched the tag of Player of the Match when facing Oman. Mexico saw Muraiki lead by example, bringing up two nets to their name as Hindasi, Oraimi, and Araimi brought up the remainder of the score. Martinez and Castillo led Oman. Oraimi is now being called an elite executioner. Oman can now make it to the next round only by beating Portugal this Tuesday.

Brazil have almost made it to the knockout, for they have 2 wins to their name and 5 points on the table. Portugal can still make it if they compete with Oman, who will play their do-or-die football game with every inch of sporting spirit.

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