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Casino Employees Restricted on Gambling Floors When They Are Off-duty

In Macau, the casino employees will not be allowed to enter the gambling area in off-hours. This rule will activate on December 27, 2019. The Local Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau notified this rule to the casino operators. 

This regulation helps in saving the casinos from money laundering and other gambling problems. Any employee in operating games, cashier, floor security, cage staff, food and beverage, cleaners, etc. will not access the gaming floor in the off-duty hours from December 27. 

According to the gaming regulator, it is essential to protect the health of gaming workers. The employees should understand the significance of a new rule. It will maintain the relation with the industry for promoting gambling. 

This rule will impact 54,000 casino staff members in Macau, which includes 8,000 junket workers. 

By 2022, the license of six Macau casinos will expire. It is unknown how the new permit rule will progress, but according to the expectation of gaming analysts, Sands, MGM, Galaxy, Wynn, Melco, and SJM will get refresh their operating deals. 

The new rule can improve the gaming industry and boosts the growth of the casino hub in Macau. The government in Macau wants to minimize the gaming taxes, which is 90% of the government’s budget. 

Macau is initiating in declaring its stock market. The government will release incentives to the casino operators to invest in non-gaming projects like theme parks, etc. 

As the industry is growing with new rules and regulations, the casino employees are also raising their opinions. Recently, a worker asked for a better holiday schedule, which includes five days working with the healthy and non-smoking workplace. The Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association said that the staff members are not paid enough but need better work conditions for good health. The Vice Director of Union, Jeremy Lei, said that it is a surprising thing that workers chose a healthy working environment than their salary increments. The union created and sent the wishlist of the workers to the Chief Executive, Ho lat Seng for improvement in working conditions of casino employees.

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