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CasinoLand Halts Private Sale

CasinoLand, the popular online casino gaming portal powered with blockchain technology has announced the postponement of the private sale event. The initiative was scheduled to occur on July 30, 2020, to cater to the increasing demand of the community users but now has been delayed for an undisclosed time period. The CasinoLand team took to its official Twitter handle to inform the users about the delay and released a post stating:

According to the blog post, CasinoLand has halted the Private Sale to introduce an upgrade into the system focused to enhance the user experience on the network. It was earlier conveyed that the platform has created a robust swapping solution similar to a DEX to channelize the private sale for the users. However, after conducting multiple trials, the team realized a need to add an additional upgrade to the system to extract better results in the long run. The upgrade will help to restrain congestion on the network and thereby will facilitate the processing of transactions in a seamless way.

As CasinoLand keeps user satisfaction as top-most responsibility, it shifted the private sale to a new date which is not yet revealed by them. The users will get the information about the exact time and date of the event in the ‘How to participate’ tutorial which will soon be made available for public access. The new updated system of CasinoLand will have the below-mentioned features:

  • Metamask connection will help in removing any sort of human error
  • Easy storage of transaction information on site for proof of purchase
  • Streamlined operation
  • Deployment of minimum and maximum criteria to refrain purchases in bulk by the users
  • High-end security, transparency, reliability, and immutability.

CasinoLand has apologized to the users for any inconvenience caused to them because of the sudden upgrade decision made by them. The platform will continue to offer the best services to its customers by taking continuous steps of development and transformation.

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