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Celtics avoid third consecutive home loss, beat Pelicans in Q4

The Boston Celtics nearly avoided their third consecutive home loss. Jason Tatum led the victory against the New Orleans Pelicans. The hosts were 11 points behind at the moment in Q4. They met the match when Tatum, coupled with the stats of Jaylen Brown, bagged a larger contribution on the board.

The final tally stood at 118-112, with the Celtics standing at 37 against 25 by the visitors. TD Garden did make it a point to deliver entertainment during the on-court absence of Kristaps Porzingis and Luke Kornet. They were out after sustaining an ankle injury and a hamstring injury, respectively. It was more for Boston than for the Pelicans, for they were the ones out of these notable players.

In the opening quarter of the basketball game, the Pelicans seized the lead with 36 points, while the Celtics trailed with just 25 points. Although Boston managed to gain a slight edge by a single point, it wasn’t enough for them to feel comfortable at halftime. However, a rebound was inevitable on their home court. Another defeat at home would have jeopardized their reputation, particularly with the pinnacle position on the line at the top betting sites for basketball.

Boston delivered on expectations in the third quarter by establishing a substantial four-point lead. The last lap saw the hosts defeat the visitors by a significant margin of 12 points, accounting for their disadvantage at the start of the fourth quarter.

Tatum and Brown together brought 50 points to the board. Tatum, who was in first place on the chart with 28 points, received praise for her significant contribution. The remainder were credited to Brown, who also has 11 rebounds and 7 assists to his name. Jrue Holiday not getting the due credit would be a huge unpaid bill one hates. Holiday left no stone unturned, evident from the fact that he made 2 assists, 3 rebounds, and bagged 20 points.

Two performers could get the balance for the Pelicans. Ingram and Williamson with 28 and 26 points, respectively. Their basketball skills fell short when no sufficient help could be gathered. However, confusion cannot be spread by sidelining the fact that MoCollum and Trey did their best on the court. Their contribution stood at 16 and 15 points in the said order.

The Boston Celtics will next play with the Indiana Pacers. The New Orleans Pelicans will lock horns with the Houston Rockets. Other basketball games in the NBA to look forward to are between the Knicks and the Jazz, the Hawks and the Lakers, and the Bulls and the Raptors.

Boston is leading the Eastern Conference, followed by the Bucks and the 76ers. New Orleans is in the eighth position in the Western Conference, followed by the Lakers and the Jazz. New Orleans has registered its third consecutive loss, while Boston has begun its winning streak.

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