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Arsenal and Bournemouth are set to lock horns in the Premier League

Arsenal and Bournemouth are next on the list to have a face-off in the Premier League. It appears that only Arsenal is fortunate in the current situation. First, they have the advantage of being in first place with a total of 80 points. Bournemouth, on the other hand, holds the tenth position with a deficit of 48 points. It goes without saying that Arsenal are currently riding high on momentum and much-needed confidence.

Next, their record is way better than what Bournemouth may want to face. Arsenal have won 10 out of 15 games in the Premier League so far. Additionally, their home record is 6/6 wins against Bournemouth. Overall, Arsenal have won 12 out of the 15 matches they played against Bournemouth.

The most likely prediction is for Arsenal to have a 3-0 win. The game could alternatively have more than 2.5 goals. Or, Arsenal may be able to keep a clean sheet. Simply put, every portion of a prediction from some of the best football betting sites is in favor of Arsenal.

Arsenal came fresh for three consecutive victories, with the series starting against the Wolves, wherein a double score by them helped to restrict the opponent to a goalless dance. That was followed by a massive 5-0 win against Chelsea and a 3-2 win against Tottenham.

Bournemouth have won 2 out of the last 3 games. The only loss was against Aston Villa, where the final tally was 3-1, with the majority of the game happening in ET after the first half and the second half. They were able to restrict Wolves and Brighton to zero goals in the remaining matches.

That said, the Premier League recently saw a clash between Chelsea and Tottenham. Chelsea bagged the only two goals that were scored in the game, sending Tottenham back to their squad without scoring a goal. Trevoh and Nicolas scored a single each in the 24th and 72nd minutes, respectively. Chelsea’s win wasn’t a surprise, except for the fact that they could make the most of their minimal possession. Tottenham dominated with 63% and 19 shots, out of which 3 were on target. Chelsea kept the ball for 37% of the total possession but were able to take 16 shots, with 5 of them on target.

Other games to look forward to are between Luton Town & Everton, Burnley & Newcastle, and Brentford & Fulham.

The Premier League still has a lot to offer, considering the football tournament is on matchday 36 of 38. Arsenal and Bournemouth will take center stage soon. Arsenal leads the rankings and is poised to score three goals. Bournemouth may remain scoreless unless they make a significant effort to halt Arsenal’s momentum. Arsenal are likely to score 3 goals. Bournemouth could be goalless.

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