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Celtics choked, but Trae Young made an impact for a 117-119 win

The Boston Celtics nearly took away the victory until Trae Young from the Atlanta Hawks geared up in the last seconds of the thrilling NBA playoff game to win it for the side. The final tally stood at 117-119 in favor of the Hawks. Fans are now split into two groups, with one chasing every possible appreciation for Young and another showering criticism over Jayson Tatum for landing a technical foul. This game was a perfect example of why basketball continues to captivate fans around the globe.

Many fans on Twitter believe that the Celtics choked during the concluding seconds of the game, giving away a chance to hold onto the moment everyone was waiting for.

Young powered up for a three-pointer in the last 1.5 seconds. That precisely brought the team close to the lead of 3-2. While it still has the Celtics ahead of them, Game 6 could bring both at par if Trae decides to go wild once again. In all honesty, odds at NBA betting sites were stacked against the Hawks winning the match at all, considering they were much behind with just a single win.

Game 5 has changed the dynamics, and a lot depends on how Game 6 and Game 7 roll out on their scheduled dates.

It is imperative for Boston to win the next match if they want to make it to the next stage of the Eastern Conference. Atlanta shining yet another time will get all the eyes on Game 7. Interesting, definitely, but fans would not want to have their hearts right on the edge for the attack.

Jaylen Brown from the Celtics came closer to being the one to accumulate the maximum points. Brown went for 35 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. His running partner Jayson Tatum, however, now has a different story to narrate. He, too, could have shared the limelight had he not fallen for the technical foul.

Brown took to his name a total of 19 points, 8 rebounds, and an equal number of assists. Derrick White followed with 18 points with no road ahead where the same could be capitalized by the team.

The Hawks dominated the first quarter with 30 points against 27 by the opponent. Things changed by the time they reached half-time as the Celtics surpassed them by a margin of eight points. The momentum continued in the third quarter only to shift in favor of the Hawks, who overtook by posting a total of 37 points against 25 by the opponent.

The Celtics have the lead from the first two games they won, followed by Game 4, where the Hawks nearly made it to the victory.

A victory in Game 5 came for the Hawks, with the previous one landing in Game 3, where they registered 130 points on the board. The Celtics were restricted to 122.Game 6 moves to Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. Expect cheers for the Atlanta Hawks as they work the magic to win a game in their hometown.

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