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Chargers waive Jerry Tillery, now claimed by Raiders

Jerry Tillery could be a better fit for the Raiders in their weak defense as the side looks to strengthen the champions ahead of its next game. The Chargers have waived Jerry, who is now available to be taken up by the Raiders.

The interest came on his terms earlier this season. The Raiders expressed their desire to claim Jerry Tillery with no hesitation.

Jerry was picked by the Chargers four years ago as the 28th overall. The question is if he will be able to add the spark to the defensive lineup of the Raiders. The struggle is evident as the team lost in three consecutive events. The Saints wasted no time picking up 24 against the zero by the Raiders. However, this was followed by The Jaguars picking up 27 against the Raiders.

Their defense is ranked 28th, way below what it should be if the Raiders dream about winning a title with pride. Jerry Tillery will team up with Andrew Billings and Bilal Nicholas to rush the quarterback.

Tillery had to be traded since the Raiders faced a humiliating defeat against the Saints. With a seven, a ten, and another seven, the Saints clinched victory for their side without having to score in the final quarter.

An event against the Jaguars was a chance to redeem; however, the Raiders fell short by 7 points. Nearly the same story where the opponent consistently scores on the board. The Raiders came strong in the first two quarters, but the momentum shifted to the Jaguars, who maintained it till the end.

Out of the four games the Chargers have played, the team has been on the winning side in two of them four. The only concern is that the loss has been with a larger margin.

A transition to the Raiders will change the course of the strategies that the teams have formulated. December will test the strengths as both teams face each other on December 05, 2022. Las Vegas will host Los Angeles, and the outcome will be pretty interesting. A team’s chances can be viewed on NFL betting sites as both teams gear up to redeem all their previous losses.

The Chargers denied Tillery a 5-year option which could have fetched him $2.05 million in base salary in 2022. With the Raiders on board, it is their lookout to honor the remainder of the current salary.

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