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Colorado Buffaloes remain unbeaten at home, defeat Devils heavily

The Buffaloes are now unbeaten in their backyard. The most recent streak has come against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Coors Event Center. Colorado managed a tally of 82-70 in their favor, making it a heavy defeat for the visitors. Hadley led Colorado with 19 points. He was joined by Simpson and Silva with 17 and 15 points, respectively.

Arizona did see Collins make a wave on the court, but was left stranded with 18 points. Contributions by Miller and Neal came in for 14 and 12 points in the same order. However, the overall pitch fell short by 12 points. A major lead was gained in the first half when the Buffaloes edged 44 points. That was against 35 points by the Devils.

In the second half, things changed, although not drastically. State Sun aimed to gain closure in exchange for respect, thereby averting a more serious defeat. Their picks totaled 35 points, leaving them 3 points short of an equalizer. The game of basketball in the NCAA tournament will move on, where Colorado will be 16-7 and Arizona will have 11-12 on the table.

KJ Simpson also stood out in the event with a massive assist of 8 figures. He is only followed by Cody Williams, who has 3 assists to his name. Others include Eddie and Hadley for a single assist throughout the run. Neal did the same job for his side, assisting 4 times and bagging 5 rebounds. He was followed by the likes of Gaffney, Collins, and Perez, with 2 assists each.

It’s reasonable to believe that Colorado is desperate for a win. They’ve suffered consecutive losses in the tournament to WA State and Utah. Now, they’re up against the undefeated Arizona Wildcats. For those considering online basketball betting, various platforms offer insights and odds to help inform your decisions.

Arizona State continues to look for a win. They have lost 5 consecutive matches in the past. The last win was against USC, 82-67. Perez had found the maximum number of times, contributing 20 points to the board. Neal and Collins left no stone unturned and brought 17 points each. They are now desperate for a win to start a new streak for them on record. Arizona State will next meet Utah.

One thing Arizona State would want to observe is how they net the ball. Eight moments against Colorado were such that the team missed them for a two-time turn. 3-pointers are at 7/22, translating to 31.8%. Colorado registered less than 40% with 8/20 3-pointers. Also, they had more fouls in this game.

Other basketball games to look out for in the NCAA tournament are VCU versus Dayton, Nevada versus San Diego St, and LSU versus Alabama.

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