Danish Gambling Authority shuts 83 unlawful gaming platforms

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, has been granted permission by the Naestved court to close down 83 uncertified gambling sites operated by local internet service providers.

Presently, the websites in question are conducting business without proper certification. The inception of the closure proposal occurred a year ago.

According to the latest gambling news, this most recent endeavor to impede access to unauthorized gambling operators surpassed the previous record for the number of unlicensed sites blocked in a single year. In 2022, 82 websites ceased to exist on the Danish market, shattering the previous record.

Since the inception of inaugural sanctions against illegal gambling in 2012, Spillemyndigheden has blocked 359 unlicensed gambling websites.

Anders Dorph, director of the Danish Gambling Authority, predicts that additional blocks will be implemented in 2024. In contrast to the previous system, which blocked these sites only once per year, they now intend to block them twice annually. This will contribute to the protection of the interests of local gamers. Their primary objective is to ensure that children have the ability to visit these websites, which is where they intervene. Skin betting is hugely popular among them.

A number of websites, including,,,, and, have been blocked.

Recent research findings from the Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden, on local gambling practices indicate that 15% of Danish adolescents aged 15–17 have engaged in online gambling. In the previous year, online gambling was reported by 21.7% of respondents, including 15% of juveniles aged 15 to 17. Additionally, 3.8% of respondents confessed to using illicit online gambling sites.

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