Macau revenue rises 433% year-over-year in December 2023

The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has released a statement revealing Macau’s monthly results for 2023. It takes each month into account separately. According to the report, December produced an exponential increase of 433% in gross monthly earnings, totaling MOP$18.6 billion.

There has been a constant upward trend in revenue collection throughout the year compared with 2022. Increased tourism, too, has played a significant part. 

January 2023 came in with a gross monthly income amounting to MOP$11.6 billion, or US$1.4 billion. This meant a rise of 83% against the previous year. The scenario changed in February, when the pickings were relatively lower, with the month’s earnings being MOP$10.3 billion. From March onwards, the average monthly earnings touched MOP$12.7 billion, meaning an increase of 247%. 

According to the latest gambling news, April had a 450% increase, totaling MOP$14.7 billion, compared to a 141% increase in 2022. May saw a 366% increase, amounting to MOP$15.6 billion in gross income. With the start of increasing tourism activity, the month of June saw a collection of MOP$15.2 billion. July, on the other hand, brought in MOP$16.7 billion, a 4083% gain.

According to the Macau Statistics and Census Service (DSEC), there was a monthly rise to 25% due to the influx of tourists.  In July 2023, 2,759,544 tourists visited Macau. The number of visits from Mainland China was 1,910,371.

August came with an upward trend of 686% in the form of gross monthly income, amounting to MOP$17.2 billion. September went down a bit yet managed an increase of 404%, standing at MOP$14.9 billion. October went up by 400%, meaning MOP$19.5 billion. This was the best month in terms of earnings.

November witnessed the greatest rise to the tune of 435%, amounting to MOP$16 billion.

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