DraftKings Promises $1.5 Million to a Us-Wide Problem Gambling Initiative

DraftKings had already introduced a new funding program for non-profit groups and organizations that provide assistance to people afflicted from gambling problems and issues related across the United States. The State Council Funding Program would provide $15,000 to every state council each year for three years, for a sum of $1.58 million throughout the initiative.

Funding could be used to improve programs and services for families and individuals and also the council workforce, with financing available to train, meetings, helplines, and overall building capacity.

Councils could also use finances to investigate the possibility of building capacity in neighboring states where there is no council presence.

This month, the program will begin a three-year trial period.

DraftKings has worked for several years with the state council and has seen things firsthand how well these organizations are a precious asset for families and individuals, as well as a social investment and partner for gaming companies.

DraftKings is dedicated to enhancing responsible gameplay in partnership with state councils all across the United States. They keep hoping that this financial support will provide councils with the extra assistance they require to fund focus areas, broaden assistance, or employ extra staff; anything and everything that is most necessary, they would like to support financially.

Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), has encouraged the campaign. State councils serve as the very first line of defense in catering to the requirements of people affected by gambling problems.

While it is widely acknowledged that these organizations provide essential community help and support, they often do not have the funds and resources to take prevention and treatment towards the next stage. DraftKings’ substantial initiative demonstrates their dedication to and understanding of the value of the work that state councils offer.

The new program emerged after DraftKings revealed a sequence of other initiatives designed to promote responsible betting in 2021.

One of these was a collaboration with the Cambridge Health Alliance’s Division on Addictive Behavior at Harvard Medical School to create a systems-based concept of employee coaching in responsible gameplay.

DraftKings has also made a pledge to support the American Gaming Association’s ‘Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly’ public service campaign, while the controller has decided to expand its safer gambling learning and advertising through a variety of consumers’ different views.

Other activities include a number of financial responsibilities to assist evidence-based studies into gambling problems, along with research by the Kindbridge Research Institute to investigate the relationship between veterans & responsible gambling.

Furthermore, DraftKings is going to develop an in-house strategy and make internal investments to enhance its ability to promote responsible gambling to customers and employees.

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