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FIFA Women’s World Cup Round of 16: Teams to look out for

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is entering the first knockout stage, which is the Round of 16. Qualified teams will battle for a spot in the Quarter-Finals, with only 8 teams to contest in the next Round. The Round of 16 starts on August 05, 2023, and ends on August 08, 2023, following which the next knockout Round will commence.

Jointly hosted by New Zealand and Australia, it is only Australia that has made it to the next Round, with New Zealand facing elimination right from the group stage. Here are a few teams to look out for in the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023.

Switzerland vs. Spain

Spain is coming as a heavier team despite finishing the group stage in the second spot with 6 points. What could make Switzerland sweat for the victory is the fact that they have only scored a total of 2 goals throughout their group Football matches. The remaining two matches were not only goalless for the side, but they were also goalless draws for them. Meaning Switzerland has not been able to clinch victory except for the opener.

Goals are expected to be 1-2 for Spain.

Japan vs. Norway

Norway has given some tough fights, but it is now Japan everyone is talking about. They ended their group fixture with three consecutive victories. Thereby, with 9 points to their name. The only thing that Norway is proud of is their 6-0 win versus the Philippines. That would still not be enough to boost their morale, especially at a time when FIFA sports betting sites are included toward Japan just like the rest of the world.

The goals are expected to be 0-2 for Japan.

Netherlands vs. South Africa

This should not be a tough fight as the Netherlands are favorites to win this fixture already. Not that South Africa lacks the spirit to fight, but their recent record is not precisely favorable for a winning momentum. They did win the last match; however, that does not suffice the fact that the Netherlands are coming stronger in the knockout Round.

Goals are expected to be 1-3 for the Netherlands.

Sweden vs. United States

The US was the favorite until they began spilling consecutive draws. They only have a single victory to boost for, and the rest of the group Football matches are a couple of draws. Sweden, on the other hand, is a team that is coming with three victories from the group stage. The US will have to fight harder to reclaim the tag of favorites.

The goals are expected to be 1-1, followed by a penalty shootout.

England vs. Nigeria

Nigeria made it to the list because Canada could not land a victory against Australia. The chances were pretty bleak for them otherwise. Then the world has England, which beat all of its opponents for a clean sheet win and 9 points on the register. Odds are once again stacked in favor of England, hoping that the side will make it to the Quarter-Finals with 2-0.

England should emerge victorious by 1-0.

Australia vs. Denmark

Australia versus Denmark is a contest that will have fans glued to their television sets or mobile devices. Both teams are strong contestants for a spot in the next Round. Alas, only one can make it to the Quarter-Finals. Denmark may have one loss in the group match, but they have a winning momentum from the previous match. Interestingly, Australia also has momentum in its favor. Stadium Australia will see the hosts play one of the most fascinating matches in front of them.

Australia and Denmark could take it to the penalty shootout after a goalless draw.

Columbia vs. Jamaica

Jamaica comes from the spirit of backing their players in a situation when victory seems impossible. No one can forget the moment when they single-handedly restricted Brazil to zero goals, becoming the reason for their disqualification. Agreed, Jamaica could not score a goal in that match, but the fact that they defended the Brazilian attack is worth noting and praising. Columbia has a storm to face in the Round of 16 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Jamaica put up a fight but lost 1-0 to Columbia.

France vs. Morocco

The women’s team of France is looking to replicate what its men’s team did in the FIFA World Cup, reach the final stage, and get close to the trophy. Hopefully, they will bag it, unlike the other team. Hindmarsh Stadium has a higher chance of seeing France win against Morocco. One reason is that Morocco lost to Germany by 6-0, and their confidence has been a bit down since then. They only have 2 goals from group matches but facing a giant team like France is going to take all their core strengths.

France is likely to bag 2 goals against a single by Morocco.


The Round of 16 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 starts on August 05, 2023. This is the first knockout Round that will be followed by another knockout round – Quarter-Finals.

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