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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Wales face Iran in a crucial fixture

The event was at zero each throughout. What made the difference was the extra time which saw Iran score 2 back to back goals in +8 and +11 post 90 usual.

The first half of this FIFA World Cup 2022 match delivered no result; however, the second half was filled with excitement. Iran looked a bit unfortunate during the entire event. Ali and Sardar missed the shot on target by a few inches. Their kicks rebounded from the pole for a successful push by Wales, keeping them in their defensive zone for a long time.

Two near-miss shots came as disappointments, but there was nothing that could be overturned. Wales looked to struggle as Iran came in with an attacking tone. That has not worked well, though. The 85th minute brings an issue with a potential yellow card for Iran. A close verification at the FIFA VAR Room goes on to prove otherwise. The goalie in green gets the red card.

This became the first time in the tournament for a goalkeeper to receive a red card. Similar incidents last happened in 2010 when South Africa faced Uruguay and in 1994 when Italy faced Norway.

Wales remained strong with their defense, keeping the game at 0-0 against the aggressive attack of Iran. Fans got on their toes as Aaron Ramsey went off the field in exchange for Danny Ward in the last two minutes.

Nine minutes more into the game following the usual 90, only a little time was left for both sides to clinch the victory.

Wales missed a chance to score with the free kick that was rewarded in +3 minutes. The additional time came into play after several injuries held players back on the field. A Red Card merely added to that situation.

Torabi got it close in +1 minute for a response from Allen, who pushed it away. The action continued for +4 minutes when Rezaeian received a yellow card.

Wales ultimately had to go back with a sad face as Iran landed a score on the board to take the number of goals 1-0 in their favor. Cheshmi did that wonder from a long distance. Fans erupted in cheer for Wales to imagine a way back into the game.

Wales were looking to settle when Ramin put in the ball for the second time. The final score came to 2-0 in favor of Iran. Wales stood on the field with no goal scored by any player.

Wales will remain at the bottom of the table with a potential outing from the tournament. There is nothing more they can do. Iran stands a chance to proceed to the Round of 16 with this victory. Another win, and Iran will surely make it to the future events of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

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