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FIFA WWC 2023: Brazil miss qualification after a goalless draw

Brazil has suffered a setback in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Sundhage saw her army depart from the global tournament without entering the knockout Round. This is for the first time since 1995 that Brazil did not make it past the group stage. Their last event in the current edition was against Jamaica, a team appearing for the second time in the World Cup. It was truly a surprise seeing them hold Brazil to a goalless draw.

Making this an embarrassment is the fact that Brazil ranks 35 places higher than Donaldson’s side. Melbourne Rectangular Stadium had all the positive prospects for Brazil to qualify. All they needed was a win, and that would have sufficed the purpose. Brazil even had the factor of goal difference working in their favor. The same was not true for Jamaica.

Brazil did not just leave the tournament early. They left the FIFA World Cup, finishing their group stage at the third spot of Group F behind France and Jamaica in the respective ranks.

Interestingly, this is Jamaica’s second goalless draw against a mighty side. The previous one was against France in their opener on July 23, 2023. Their only victory was against Panama by a thin margin of a single goal. That was scored by Allyson Swaby in the 56th minute. Jamaica has only scored one goal throughout the group stage. They drew two matches and won a single.

That is one reason why Brazil is disappointed with the way things played out. They had rather more active events with other teams. For instance, the 4-0 victory against Panama in the opener marked a major event and one of the biggest wins of the tournament. Even though they lost versus France by 2-1, one found it hard to ignore the kind of fight that they put up to match the side of Renard.

Sixteen years ago, Brazil was the hot contestant to lift the title. That edition of the tournament was hosted by China, and Brazil was up against Germany. Down by 2 goals, Brazil could not make a comeback and finished their journey as runners-up. The trend has gone downhill since then. The next edition saw them leave the World Cup from the Quarter-Finals.

The FIFA World Cup in 2015 and 2019 were the events where Brazil got stuck in the Round of 16, losing those matches to not move forward. FIFA sports betting sites have got their back; however, the team has been losing its true self in recent years. Also making this evident is the fact that they have lost every single knockout game of the World Cup since 2015. The current edition is only a darker side for them.

Ary Borges features on the list of top scorers with 3 goals to her name. This would be the most for the side as there are no more matches lined up for them in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Jamaica made it to the knockout and now awaits the opponent to reveal themselves on August 03, 2023.

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