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FIFPRO & FIFA collaborate to launch SMPS before World Cup 2022

FIFPRO and FIFA recently announced the launch of their new service, SMPS (social media protection service), before the commencement of World Cup Qatar 2022. However, the service aims to identify and address the issues like discrimination and online abuse experiences against players.

It will also protect the well-being and mental health of the international players. SMPS will also allow players from 32 teams and associations to access a moderating, reporting, and monitoring service to mitigate hate speech on social media.

The initiative will minimize toxicity on the internet, securing both fans and players from digital abuse. Given the popularity of the upcoming event, all fans across the globe are looking forward to it. Even the best FIFA betting sites have witnessed increased bettors before the event.

Gianni Infantino, the President of FIFA, also talked about the recent development. According to Infantino, FIFA is trying to address every possible issue that can affect players. That is why SMPS’ launch will establish the best conditions, allowing players to perform at their best. The initiative is specifically aimed at minimizing online abuse, and securing players’ mental health, added Gianni.

Similarly, David Aganzo, the President of FIFPRO, stated that it falls on football to protect fans and players from abuse. Such issues can affect their families, performance, and personalities.

As expected, several personalities have come forward to support SMPS. One of them is Willian, the renowned former Brazilian forward. Having faced such issues first-hand, Willian talked about how toxic users can get, going as far as threatening family members.

FIFPRO and FIFA have previously published two reports that mentioned the increasing abuse aimed at players over social media channels. Since this issue peaks during international events, establishing the SMPS was highly needed. Additionally, FIFA and FIFPRO look forward to receiving the support of the social media platforms to provide complete support to players suffering from online abuse and discrimination.

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