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Gadsden, Alabama Have Planning to Build a Multi-million Dollar Riverfront Sports Complex

City of Gadsden, Alabama, and Gadsden State Community College have joined hands to build a riverfront sports complex in Gadsden. The sports complex is expected to include softball fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, sand volleyball courts, cross country track, a BMX bike track, and much more.

It is a multi-million dollar project, and bids were invited for it this month. The promoters hope to begin construction within the current fiscal.

Gadsden’s Mayor, Sherman Guyton, expects the sports complex to hold sports meets in the future. It will attract visitors, which will give impetus to hotels, restaurants, and shops in the area. Team and individual sports, both will include a large supporting staff in addition to the players. All of them will need accommodation in hotels. When they are not training, they might go shopping or for eating in restaurants or sightseeing. They will need to be ferried from hotel to the sports complex in buses so bus renting companies will benefit. For international events, these facilities will have to be increased manifold.

For the rest of the year, when there are no sporting events, the people of Gadsden can use the facilities in the sports complex. Thus, the project will generate revenue throughout the year.

Guyton said,

All that is money turning over to help us do our infrastructure, pay the bills, our employees get raises.

He clarified that the Gadsden State Community College would provide land and infrastructure for the project, and the City of Gadsden will arrange to fund it.

Guyton admitted that the cost of the project had not been decided yet. It will become clear once the bidding process ends. He also expressed confidence that the city will be able to finance the sports complex.

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