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Gambling Laws In New Zealand: Facts and Pitfalls

For an activity with an incredibly high number of users like gambling is, it is imperative to have strict laws regulating its processes. The absence of a set of strict laws by a regulatory body leads to total anarchy. There are harms caused by gambling. And, without statutes, these harms cannot be minimized to the slightest. Other justifications for setting laws to regulate gambling activities are:

  • To control the pace at which gambling activities grow
  • To forestall or at least reduce the harmful impacts of gambling, such as problem gambling
  • To oversee the gambling activities that are authorized and the ones that are not
  • To guarantee that gambling games stay fair and credible
  • To channel gambling profits toward benefiting the society

It is for these reasons that the government of New Zealand decided to intervene in the gambling industry of the nation, all thanks to the Department of Internal Affairs.

The Policy Regulation and Communities arm of the Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand, is saddled with setting and enforcing gambling laws in New Zealand. With their NZD online casinos at and non-casino gambling services, they are in charge of the following procedures.

  • Issuance of licenses to non-casino gaming platforms
  • They conduct investigations and audits on non-casino gambling platforms and their activities
  • Issuing certificates to approve casinos selection of employees
  • Regulation of every bit of the activities carried out by casinos, by the inspectorates

The sole aim of this move is to ensure that gambling in New Zealand remains fair to all without any form of discrepancy, dishonesty, or any of these sorts of things. With the set laws in place, and the moves made to enforce them, there is that confidence in the gambling activities of New Zealand casinos and other non-casino gambling platforms.

For this article, we will be accessing these laws that have been put in place. We will be considering the pitfalls and the truth surrounding these laws.

Facts To Know About Gambling Laws In New Zealand

We have scheduled this part of the article to feature three nuggets. Follow through.

  • The Enforcement Process

The department in charge of gambling laws approaches their compliance and enforcement processes intending to minimize potential harms surrounding gambling and maximize the benefits that come to society members.

  • Number of Previous Laws

There have been over twenty (20) previous laws enacted to guide gambling activities in New Zealand, with the first law being passed in 1977.

  • Recent Amendments To The Regulations

There have been several amendments and new regulations, with the last of them coming into effect on 1st July 2020.

Roles Of Regulatory Agencies

Various regulatory agencies handle the different facets of the laws. These agencies contribute their quota to the eventual enforcement of the regulations to achieve the set-out aims.

The Department of Internal Affairs

This department is chief among the other agencies involved in gambling law processes in New Zealand.

  • They supervise the conduct of gambling laws.
  • Aside from casino gambling, they license other gambling activities.
  • They work towards ensuring the laws are complied with.
  • This department also enlightens the public with the necessary information.

The Ministry Of Health

  • They are in charge of financing and overseeing services that assist problem gambling victims.

The Gambling Commission

  • They issue and renew the casino operator’s licenses and casino venue licenses.
  • This commission oversees treaties and resolves disputes between operators and venue license holders.
  • They receive complaints (only complaints associated with Class 4 Gambling) made by the public and rectify them duly.
  • They regulate preset conditions surrounding casino licensing.
  • The commission also serves as advisors to ministers.
  • They promote talks on what is set as levy charged on problem gambling.
  • When appeals are made against specific regulations set by the Department of Internal Affairs, they are saddled with the task of addressing them.

The Pitfalls Associated With Gambling Laws In New Zealand

The pitfalls that are associated with gambling laws in New Zealand exist in two forms.

  • Problem Gambling
  • Prohibited Gambling

Problem Gambling

This kind of gambling leads to harmful consequences that can involve not only the individual but their family as well as the community in general. Problem gambling happens mostly when playing machine games or attending poker rooms. And it occurs to approximately 4 percent of players. The effects of problem gambling are numerous and primarily dreadful.

  • Psychological impact on the victim’s work performance.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Problems surrounding the victim’s relationship with others, including their partners, should they have one.
  • Alcohol abuse and addiction.
  • Mental crisis.
  • Suicide.

Prohibited Gambling

In New Zealand, any gambling activity without a recognized approval or can be found under the 2003 Gambling Act is prohibited and deemed illegal. Remote interactive gambling and gambling advertised outside the country are similarly forbidden. Gambling games that do not adhere to the set of regulations in the Gambling Act are as well deemed as prohibited gambling.

On a final note, any gambling activity that does not fall within the categories of the pitfalls above is the one the government recognizes as legal gambling.

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