Gambling trade organizations urge authorities to bring down illegal providers

Two trade organizations of gambling companies have urged the Gaming Authority to take action against illegal providers. VNLOK and NOGA have advocated for prompt and efficient measures against unregulated platforms. This comes at a time when reports of money spent on online gambling have surfaced. Illegal gambling platforms are believed to be ignoring the identity verification process and allowing minors to access their platforms and gambling content.

KVA, or the Quality Mark for Responsible Affiliations, has said that young minds are also able to deposit money and cryptocurrency without any problem on such platforms. Surprisingly, authorities have expressed concern over the prohibition of all these activities. Helma Lodders, the Chairman of VNLOK, has called this alarming, adding that they were not surprised by this. Helma clarified that the research merely demonstrated the ease of execution.

In other words, trade organizations have been aware of this indulgence, and the research report has not only strengthened that doubt by also shedding light on the convenience with which it could be done. Together, VNLOK and NOGA have urged authorities to take quick and effective action against illegal operators. They have further sought actions against parties that facilitate such online gambling sites. This includes advertising platforms, internet service providers, and payment companies.

The Gaming Authority has said that they were indeed concerned about it, further stating that there are fines and penalties in place for such operators whose verification processes are not in order. The Gaming Authority’s investigation has also found serious lapses in age identification processes. One can access the website for more news on online gambling. It covers a broad spectrum of the gambling industry, including financial numbers and other developments.

The online gambling industry urgently needs stricter regulations. The UK Gambling Commission has already done this by introducing fresh and tighter regulations. The UK Gambling Commission announced the development two weeks ago, solely to safeguard gamblers’ interests and close industry loopholes. The UK has committed to introducing more policies and measures to take this initiative forward and strengthen control over wrongdoing within the online gambling sphere.

The Dutch market has earlier seen regulated operators flooding the region. They enter sporting unique selections of content, features, and bonuses. It is expected that the current number of licensed operators will increase in the future, as several operators have yet to launch their platforms.

VNLOK and NOGA remain firm in their stance, urging the Gaming Authority to take action against illegal online gambling platforms. They have rotted the market and continue to do so by misleading young minds into engaging with something that can be severely addictive and harmful if not controlled. How many illegal platforms come within the range of the shot remains to be seen.

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