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Generation Amazing to Promote Football for Development Programs in Jordan and Oman

Football, or even sports in general, is proving to impact everyone’s life, especially in Qatar, positively. The region is all set to host the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournament, which starts on November 20, 2022. 

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A few factors have taken the central stage in depicting how football is welcomed in Qatar.

This time, the Generation Amazing Foundation has taken the central stage by expanding to 10 schools in Jordan and 20 schools in Oman. The Supreme Committee launched the program for Delivery & Legacy in 2010. The recent expansion is a new milestone that it has touched upon under the initiative of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The Foundation has partnered with Generation for Peace and the Ministry of Education in Jordan to strengthen its footprints. It has worked well as the Foundation has marked its presence in 10 schools. Expanding the program comes to help students build necessary life skills, promote peace, and lower the number of incidents related to bullying & violence.

Generation Amazing, active in Jordan since 2010, first involved developing two football pitches in Baqaa and Aqaba, home to the two most underprivileged communities. Training sessions and workshops followed the development of football pitches across the region with a core focus on gender equality and social inclusion.

H.E. Sheikh Saud, the Qatari Ambassador to Jordan, highlighted that it was important to focus on the social work sector, adding that the development of this sector indirectly contributes to building skills of an individual & development of local communities. H.E. Sheikh Saud said they were happy with the partnership that unites Generation Amazing & Generations for Peace.

The program was paused in Oman during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has now resumed full-fledged by expanding to 20 schools where the Foundation delivers extensive teacher training. Face-to-face sessions by the Foundation have also resumed post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nasser Al Khori, the Executive Director of Generation Amazing, said they have a close relationship with the Ministry of Education in Oman, expressing that they were delighted to resume face-to-face sessions in the region. Nasser stated that the involvement of the Ministry adds value and endorses their efforts to create a positive impact in the region.

Nasser took this opportunity to add that Generation Amazing was proud of working closely with the Ministry of Education of Jordan to deliver the program to many children. He also expressed pride in working with Generation for Peace and thanked the stakeholders & delivery partners for their support.

Generation Amazing has set an example that football can do good in the life of children if sports programs are implemented effectively with the right mindset.

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