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Genius Sports introduces FanHub ID

Genius Sports has introduced FanHub ID. With this new innovative solution, marketers and content makers will be in a better position to accurately identify the various characteristics of their intended audience and serve them accordingly and more effectively. Its privacy-compliant approach will aid in the creation of accurate sports-oriented fan characteristics using data signals, both online and offline. These will include sports app sign-ins, fan engagement, live streaming data, and league and team connectivity.

According to the sports news, Genius Sports is a sports data and technology startup. The company is assisting in bridging the gap between sports enthusiasts’ expectations and accessible content. They are employing AI-oriented technology for this purpose. They have created a fan-oriented identification graph that will allow promoters and content developers to be in sync with the diverse audience’s preferences. The FanHub ID is projected to dramatically transform the way sports-related promotional operations are carried out by offering a single and comprehensive profile for the enormous base of sports enthusiasts and serving them better across various digital platforms.

According to the General Manager of Advertising at Genius Sports, Manny Puentes, though sports enthusiasts come from every corner of the world, it remains difficult for marketers to properly identify and connect with their characteristics and choices. This is exactly where FanHum ID comes in, creating a win-win situation for both fans and promoters.

This technology will be released and made available to all Genius Sports clients. The key benefit of the FanHub ID is that it enables sports-related content providers to boost their fan base exposure for better sponsorship opportunities. It will be possible to track the collective fans across multiple promotional platforms and engage with them through a privacy-friendly and personalized messaging mechanism. Brands will be able to create more targeted advertising campaigns for each section of sports fans.

According to  Josh Linforth, the chief revenue officer of Genius Sports, FanHub ID will immediately and directly impact the company’s existing clientele through an enhanced understanding of its target demographic. Sports creators will be allowed to explore particulars pertaining to their fan base in order to establish a more profound connection with them.

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