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GG.BET furthers its association with Team Vitality until 2024

GG.BET has extended its partnership with Team Vitality until 2024 in an effort to strengthen its collaboration and further the development of the esports industry. It is worth noting that GG.BET is a globally recognized wagering organization, while Team Vitality is an esports club with a global presence.

The Counter-Strike roster from Team Vitality was the first to team up with GG.BET in 2022. Since then, the two businesses have been working together on a plethora of digital and physical initiatives and activations. Integration with the mobile blockchain software V.Hive, which 80,000 Team Vitality supporters downloaded, and the biggest show match in Counter-Strike history, Match of LeGGends, which 1 million people saw online, are among these.

Since the beginning of the partnership, GG.BET has provided unwavering support for Team Vitality in all aspects. The group has achieved notable triumphs by securing primary championships, including the CS:GO BLAST.TV Paris Major 2023. It concluded the prior year as the preeminent team on a global scale. Their initiatives garnered the support of over 150 million social media users in 2023 and influenced a number of companies to invest in the esports industry. Further efforts will be made to press the envelope in 2024.

According to the betting news, Nicolas Maurer, the chief executive officer of Team Vitality, stated that the organization is delighted to advance their partnership and offer their counter-strike fans additional luxuries and excitements. Consistent with the 3.5 million attendees of their meet & greet event in Rio and the exhibition match against NAVI, they intend to develop the CS community further and introduce innovative projects.

In accordance with their forthcoming strategies, GG.BET and Team Vitality intend to participate in offline events and online projects that specifically target the esports club’s contributors. Included are counter-strike enthusiasts and those working to promote esports globally.

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