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Investments in Downtown Seems To Be Gaining the Right Returns

The downtown casino is experiencing a sea of changes when the strip is going through a market slump. In downtown Las Vegas new casino hotels are being built, like the 777 rooms hotel-casino, Circa. The existing ones are getting renovated to attract more tourists. A major attraction of the district, the Fremont Street Experience canopy is undergoing an estimated $33 million upgradation. After the upgradation, people can experience the stunning LED light canopy in the daylight too.

According to experts, this hustle-bustle in the area marks the booming business in the area. Downtown Las Vegas saw a 5.83% hike in gaming win as compared to last year; whereas the strip saw a 0.3% fall. These numbers have a huge significance for a business area that thrives on casinos. A major portion of the revenue in this area comes from gaming arcades and casinos.

Derek Stevens, proprietor of D Las Vegas and Circa said that,

“There’s a lot more going on now than three years ago. I feel very bullish on downtown. Obviously, that’s where I put my money.”

President and CEO of Fremont Street Experience, Patrick Hughes points out that downtown casino owner is “making concerted effort to maintain a value proposition.” Advertisements of great deals are being put up strategically for greater visibility, which will draw greater crowd. People are getting drawn to downtown because of its affordability.

Fremont Street Experience is investing a lot in digital advertising to grab the crowd towards its free events, shows, and concerts. The Eastside of Fremont Street has many clubs, restaurants, and bars. These regularly attract a lot of youngsters; they come to downtown for visiting historical and educational venues like Mob Museum and Neon Museum. It is at these restaurants and bars that they build a community of “random connections and interactions, and that’s certainly happening on Fremont East.”

Downtown attracts a mix of all types of visitors, middle-class Americans, young locals, and wealthy visitors. There is something for everybody: food, entertainment, fun, games and also places of educational importance.

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