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Is Playing In Live Casino Better Than Playing In Land Casino?

The history of gambling dates back to even before written history. In fact, the early six-faced dice dates back to 3000BC. And, with the rise of casinos in most of the cities around the world, there is always a legion of players who prefer spending time playing and socializing in the land-based casinos. Nevertheless, the advent of the internet, casinos became a household pass time, thanks to the online casinos.

An Introduction to Land Casino & live Casino

Etymologically a casino means a ‘small villa.’ A brick and mortar casino is typically a grand building sometimes nestled on acres of land that hosts a multitude of casino games like slots, liver dealer games, roulette, and to name a few.

And, the glitz and glamour associated with the casino backdrop certainly make for some of the best vacations and party scenes. Whether it is the thrill of dressing in your finest or the excitement of winning the stakes, offline casinos are entertainment hubs that must be experienced at least once in life.

This is because the brick and mortar casinos are more than just a set of casino games. It is a conglomerate of fine dining, retail shopping, and a set of other attractions, including live entertainment.

On the contrary, although the online version of a casino lacks the grandiose, it is far convenient as it offers you the convenience of playing your preferred casino games from the comforts of your home. While casinos are generally synonymous with the rich and the privileged, online casinos are far more welcome where you can play the games anywhere and anytime.

Live Casino vs. land Casino: A Comparative Study

Visiting a brick and mortar casino is a choice that not everyone makes. Nor is it a regular scenario that can be often indulged. On the contrary, anyone aged 18 and above can play at the online casino sites. The game selection is also vast in the case of the latter.

Land-based casinos only accept FIAT currency, whereas most of the online casinos are now also accepting cryptocurrencies and thus facilitating Bitcoin transactions. Apart from this, the live casino or the casino sites also offer several promotional packages like a welcome bonus or deposit bonus for typically the first four deposits made.

Pros and Cons of Land-based Casino


Live-action casino games with slot machines, roulette

A myriad of entertaining activities like hotels, live events, concerts, etc.

Promotes socializing and is an ideal vacation activity


Payment only in currencies and does not accept cryptocurrencies

Minimum age limit varies from 18 to 21 and differs from one casino to another

A limited number of games

Pros and Cons of Online Casinos


A myriad of classic and new casino games

Provably fair games based on RNG algorithms

Accepts a multitude of currencies including cryptos

Attractive welcome package and deposit bonuses


Not all online casinos are fair

Casino Games at Online or Land-Based Casinos – Which is better?

Typically, the land-based casino games that revolve around gambling include slot machines, poker tables, or other live dealer games like blackjack, craps, or the dice games or roulette. Thus, the options are limited, where players also indulge in the fine hotels of the casinos. Meaning, the players spend money on other forms of entertainment other than gambling.

While online casinos are also pretty much about gambling, the number of casino games are unlimited. Players can find a combination of the classic casino games along with new and innovative live games. Needless to say, players are not distracted by the myriad of entertaining activities of the casino. Thus, when you visit an online casino, you only invest in the games.


A land-based casino has its own set of charms and attractions, providing an altogether different gambling experience finely blended with other types of entertainment. While this may be true, online casinos are far convenient and have a broader spectrum of casino games, including sports betting, Bitcoin gambling, to name a few.

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