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Jake Paul vs Mike Perry Odds: Will the eccentric influencer win?

Jake Paul, the problematic social media influencer, is ready to fight against Mike Perry. Paul’s anticipated fight against Mike Tyson has been postponed, and the bout is now scheduled for July 20.

In November 2024, the legendary fighter will face Paul once more in the ring. As for the Jake Paul vs Mike Perry fight, most of the best UFC Betting sites are treating it as the main event of the month.

Perry, the former UFC fighter, is attending the boxing match after announcing a small break from the octagon. Given the massive payout Perry will receive for the high-profile match, it’s hard to blame the fighter.

Here is an overview of the betting odds between Jake Paul and Mike Perry:

On Bovada, Jake Paul is getting betting odds of -220, while Mike Perry is awarded odds of +165. Beating the odds, Paul seems to be the fan pick to win the boxing bout. Odds of -220 indicate that Paul has a 68.8% chance of winning the fight.

This will be Paul’s 11th appearance in the ring, which was originally expected to be against Iron Mike. However, the long-anticipated match against the 58-year-old legend has been postponed due to Mike suffering from an ulcer flare-up.

Paul, an online influencer turned boxer, is striving to establish himself as a legitimate fighter. However, Paul has a long way to go before meeting the top-ranked competitors.

Even then, Paul is on a 3-fight win streak against genuine boxers. Both Andre August and Ryan Bourland are lower-tier pros, and the influencer comfortably beats them.

On the other hand, Mike Perry showed promise during his initial MMA days. However, the fighter’s career abruptly ended. Paul is undoubtedly the favorite to prevail, as Perry has only emerged victorious against failed combatants and has inadequate boxing experience. 

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