Josh Giddey, a Rookie for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Has Become the NBA’s Record Holder of a Triple-Double

Giddey had seventeen points, fourteen assists, and thirteen rebounds in the 95-86 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, despite missing the previous three games due to the league’s health & safety standards. He also had four steals.

Giddey was instrumental in the Thunder’s late-game comeback, assisting in bringing them up 4 points with 41.3 seconds left just before Mavs sealed the victory. While he called the important milestone a “cool milestone,” he was much more focused on the win/loss ledger immediately after the game.

It’s great, and the individual stats were impressive, but Giddey stated that while he enjoys this for the night, but a victory has always been preferable to individual statistics.

The Oklahoma City Thunder youngster has become the National Basketball Association’s youngest person to achieve a triple-double, surpassing Charlotte Hornets point guard LaMelo Ball’s prior mark set the previous season. Josh Giddey’s last game: 0/10/10, his 1st double-double without points in fifty years was all over the news, and why not? He’s such a fantastic young payer! Giddey’s fourteen assists are the most by a teenager in Thunder team history, and his throwing repertoire was on open display as he slung it about like a pro.

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