CT Interactive’s Game-Changing Deal with MD Shop!

CT Interactive, a leading provider of online gaming content, is set to bolster the gaming offerings of MD Shop, a prominent player in Herzegovina and Bosnia’s online gaming industry. This strategic partnership aims to elevate the gaming experience for enthusiasts in the region.

According to the latest gaming news, The Head of Business Development at CT Interactive, Milena Tsankarska, conveyed the company’s enthusiasm for this partnership and is pleased to announce that its content will be accessible on the platform of MD Shop, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The brand has tremendous potential, and we will continue to track it and provide it with access to the company’s newest titles.

As a consequence of this partnership, MD Shop will offer a variety of exciting games, including Champagne and Fruits, Aztec Gold 20, Fire Egg, Hit the Hot, Lizard Blizzard, 20 Mega Slot, Purple Fruits, Win Storm, Coffee Magic, and Shining Treasures. Notably, Win Storm won the prestigious Online Game of the Year Award at the BEGE Awards 2022, elevating the prestige of the gaming selection at MD Shop.

The head of operations at MD Shop, Filipovic Sretan, commented on this alliance, highlighting the company’s aspiration to become one of the nation’s leading gaming suppliers. The company aspires to be one of the nation’s top suppliers, which can only be accomplished with the exceptional gaming content of CT Interactive. Their distinguished goods are precisely what we require to carry out our expansionary goals. While praising the quality of CT Interactive’s products, he stated that they are essential to the company’s growth objectives.

The partnership between MD Shop and CT Interactive highlights the growing significance of high-quality gaming content in the online gaming industry. Players today would like to have engaging and entertaining experiences, and the platform of MD Shop is poised to provide both with the addition of CT Interactive’s portfolio.

CT Interactive has established a solid reputation for creating entertaining and cutting-edge games that enthrall players everywhere. MD Shop is entirely devoted to providing the most up-to-date gaming experiences, which is consistent with their aim of providing citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the greatest possible gaming choices.

This collaboration is a deliberate and calculated decision by MD Shop to expand its gaming selection and increase its competitiveness in the local market. By introducing CT Interactive’s award-winning games, MD Shop will be able to offer more variety in entertainment for gamers and become the premier gaming destination in the area.

The partnership between CT Interactive and MD Shop is a significant development for the online gaming industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to their commitment to providing high-quality gaming content, both companies are able to provide players with an engaging and memorable gaming experience. As CT Interactive’s exclusive portfolio migrates to MD Shop’s platform, players can anticipate an influx of engaging games, ushering in a new era of excellence in this region.

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