Play’n GO releases the first addition to the Champions of Mithrune

Play’n GO has announced the launch of the first addition to Champions of Mithrune. It is titled Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune. There are two main features that power the 5×4 online slot. These are Free Spins and Power Up. Both work in tandem to make sure that players have the best experience.

The latest title in the Mithrune universe encourages players to dive deeper into the history of the kingdom. Syn the Shapeshifter makes an appearance, but only when players land a Syn symbol on the board. Defined as a top prize, the Syn Symbol makes sure that players have multiple ways to win a round.

A round of free spins can be unlocked by aligning all the favorable outcomes. However, that will trigger the Power Up feature as a priority. The Power Up feature is the key for players looking to have an extra bonus. However, only one of three bonuses can be rolled out during that moment of gameplay. The collection spans extra free spins, symbol upgrades, and multipliers.

Choosing a multiplier has been the norm because it does nothing more than advance the number of points. Additional free spins in slot games have come at a cost, most notably the chance of losing something in return. The actual implementation varies, but free spins remain one of the most popular bonuses among players.

Magnus Wallentin, Play’n GO’s Games Ambassador, has praised the new slot title’s release. They are ecstatic about the release, saying that it will provide players a closer insight into the universe of the Kingdom of Mithrune and Syn the Shapeshifter. Magnus has also noted that Play’n GO has always been proud of all of its releases, especially when they are sequels to prior installments.

Play’n GO is confident that the title will do wonders with Free Spins and Power Up features.

As per the latest gaming news, The launch of Kingdom of Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune comes almost a month after Play’n GO announced the launch of Play’n GO Music. The new music division of the provider is aimed at making progress in the music industry in association with artists who will contribute to the audio of future games. This has been called the industry first move; it involves intending to showcase the music track of games and produce new music pieces under the said label.

It will first feature music from Gargantoonz, followed by more launches to be announced. Ebba Arnred, the Chief Marketing Officer of Play’n GO, has called this a fantastic step, further stating that it will help them realize their vision of becoming the premier entertainment provider.

Moreover, the Co-Founder has expressed confidence in Play’n GO Music, saying that it will help them explore the realms of creative associations while helping them celebrate the music division of their titles.

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