How to Play Slots Like a Pro—Know All About Slots

The internet came with several advantages for many industries, including the gambling industry. Thanks to the internet, players can now have the chance to play free online slots for fun. That is why we have several casinos that offer free instant play to casino fans with regular real money play.

One of those websites is, where gamblers have access to over 2000 free slots for fun, with no downloads. Here, players have access to the best free online slots for fun. These free slots no download with bonus rounds give you free spins in instant play. The popular titles in their collection are from the industry’s biggest names, including, Aristocrats, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, and many others.

Therefore, in this article, we will go with the massive aspect of slots like how they work, the rules involved, and much more. Most importantly, how you can make the most out of your demo games. Keep reading to find out more.

Introduction to Free Slots

It won’t be wrong on any grounds to say that slots had come a long way between 1895 when Charles Fey developed the first slot and the present day. Since then, these money machines have gone through several changes to become so modern. Unlike what we used to know, the slot machines now rely on a network of computer units against the old mechanical clockwork mechanism. This new system makes slots more beautiful and thrilling with better sounds.

Even as developed as we are right now, there’s a need to understand the past. This basic understanding will help us appreciate these machines better. It will also help us see the peculiarities in what we have today and what used to be.

  • At the early stages, the first notable improvement for slots was virtual reels. There was a significant turnaround in the slot development with the implementation of virtual reels.

This single change caused a reduction in payoffs. That was because the number of icons in each game determined the odds for such a game. As a result, there was a drop in payoffs. Virtual reels became a game-changer at the time. It allowed the addition of more symbol combinations, which translated to more massive jackpots. Virtual reels that we know from the latest video slots allow a jackpot of thousands of coins and significantly increase the paybacks on the other symbols too.
slots using a variety of themesAlso, it made it possible for a developer to make slots using a variety of themes.

  • Another significant milestone was the introduction of a linked progressive jackpot system. With this system, a percentage of each stake from gamblers gets added to a central pot. A lucky winner claims the big prize, and the pot starts to build again.

At the start, the client earned jackpots from single slots. However, this system was put to rest by a new one where jackpots linked different games. And so, pokies in this category quickly acquired the name, linked progressives.

No doubt, these games are some of the most thrilling and inviting owing to the massive prizes they offer. Also, the fact that the linkage does not limit punters to one casino. Instead, the linkage spreads to as many casinos as possible. The very first of such games came out in 1986. Produced by IGT, the game’s name was Megabucks.

  • Moving on but still on Jackpots, shortly after linked pots, there were multi-tiered progressives. Before the introduction of multi-tiered progressives, slots only offered one jackpot prize. Now, things have changed slightly. For winning a rare combination of well-paying symbols, players can claim one of four massive cash prizes. While that adds to the chances of winning, the main idea here in these slots is to grab the casino fan’s attention with decent and frequent wins.
  • Presumably, the best invention in slots is the introduction of video slots with multiline. These slots provide a huge opportunity to win more, especially during the bonus rounds. We have seen these slots dominate the scenes in the virtual casino scene by introducing online slots. Consequently, there has been steady growth in the number of paylines. Now, players can have up to 243-win lines on some games.

How Slot Machines and Video Slots Work

Slots are the top category of games when it comes to casinos. The reason for that is simple; they have a simple and straightforward yet, they offer maximum fun and entertainment to players.

Even with the simplicity and fun, gamblers have a thing or two to learn before running off to spin the reels. Without understanding how things work, one could be at risk of losing a massive part of their money.

The principles are almost the same, but they vary by a little bit, depending on the facility where you are playing.

  • At a land casino, gaming starts by depositing a coin into the slot machine via its coin slit. After that, you would either pull a lever or press a button depending on the slot machine to set things rolling.
  • However, players can decide whether to play for fun or play for real money at an online facility. For real money, the player can make deposits as they wish from their bank after which, they can proceed to spin. The reels on the insides should immediately start to spin. That would usually take some seconds, depending on the programming of the machine. Finally, the spins will stop, and the slot machine will display its symbols for you to see.
  • Now to the important part, and that is how the slot selects its winners. While all slots, whether online or land-based, work as described above, this is where they differ. In the past, the movement of the reels determined the winner from each spin in mechanical slots. Now, slots work with a computer program called Random Number Generator (RNG). The program, like its name, conforms to produce several random numbers per second. The number that this program generates when you press spin or pull the lever will determine the combination of symbols you will get. With the RNG, every spin on slots is random. Whether it is online or not, all games are completely randomized. So, the game before or the game after has nothing to do with each other. That is to say, the games are not predictable, and anyone can win or lose when they play.

Random Number Generator

Types of Slots

Game newbies today have several options available. At that, slot fans across the world find themselves facing the same challenge. That is the challenge of which game to pick.

For every type of player, there is something to suit their preference. There are variations in the number of reels, number of pay lines, and bonus features. That means the experience is custom made for different players. Here are the types of slots to play at online casinos.

  • 3D slots: These are new games made from old versions. They are distinct from using 3D technology to give the best graphics to players using different browsers.
  • Classic 3 Reel Slots: These are old slots with limited functionality, but for some reason, they are still popular. Like the name, they have three reels and usually a single pay line. The basic types have lucky number 7 as an essential character on their reels. They are also called Penny Slots. Like the name, casino fans only need a little amount to play as they accept coins. They are found in many land-based casinos of the world. Noteworthy examples include Royal Spins and Ocean Slot. Thanks to the internet, we can now see some of these old machines become online free slots, no download 777 slots.
  • New 5-Reel Slots: in contrast with the above, we have an umbrella category for different online slots with the latest graphics and better gameplay features. Like you have noticed from the name, they have five reels. Many of them are also called video slots. Examples of games in this category include Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones, Gladiators, Davinci diamonds, etc.

New Reel Slots

  • Jackpots: these are pokies that lead to massive wins because they have special Jackpot bonuses. Their winning rate is usually lower than general, but then, if a punter should win one of their jackpots, it could be life-changing. They are further classified as progressive and non-progressive. While the non-progressives offer a fixed amount in maximum payout, progressive slots give out jackpots in four stages.
  • Themed slots: these are slots that feature a particular theme. Some examples are free Vegas slots, Panda slots, Halloween slots, Egyptian slots, and many others.

Basic Rules of Playing Free Slots No Download

Like all games, when you play free online slots with no download, there are rules to follow. In many cases, these rules come with the features of the game. The following are features that you should expect in slots.

  • Stacked Wilds cover the whole reel when it drops.
  • Scatter Symbols are a particular type of bonus in new slots. They are symbols that, in most cases, give players access to the bonus rounds of the game.
  • As their name suggests, multipliers would multiply the earnings when they hit the symbols that correspond to them. They could be 2x, 3x, 4x, and in some cases up to 5x or even 10x.
  • Volatility refers to the level of risk that a slot has. That is, it tells you how massive the wins on a poker machine are and how frequently these wins occur. With high volatility, players will win massively; however, the wins would not happen often. Slots with low volatility, on the other hand, would offer small wins but at frequent intervals.
  • RTP tells you how well the slot pays you. While it’s not exactly a definitive measure, higher RTPs mean the pokies pay well on average. The value might be, for instance, 95%. That tells you, for every $100 put in this machine, the machine will return at a maximum of $95. The remaining 5% goes back to the casino as what they call house edge.
  • House edge refers to how much of your wager goes to the casino on average. Invariably, a low house edge means you would earn more from a slot machine. Just like the RTP, this value is not definitive.
  • Paylines: the number of lines in a slot is also called the number of ways to win. Usually, the number of paylines could be between 1 in classic 3-reel slots and 3125 in more recent pokies. The number of lines and the size of your bets helps increase the chances of winning for players.
  • Progressive jackpots: slots that have these offer massive cash prizes. The jackpots come as a bonus to be won in this slot, provided the player can meet a set of rules. Usually, four of them are lower than the next one, hence the name progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpotsNow you are ready to place bets. Select the amount you want to bet and the number of pay lines (if it’s adjustable). You can decide to select the maximum amount by clicking “max bet.” After you have done this, go ahead to spin. When you are set to play, make sure you follow the rules above to select the slot that suits you.

How to Choose the Best Online Free Slots

With the number of slots out there today, finding the right game to play might be challenging. For new players especially, the number of slot machines out there is simply overwhelming. It all starts with the casino. When you pick the right casino, you are 90% done with finding the perfect game for you. And so, if you follow these steps, finding the right casino shouldn’t be so difficult.

Find an Online Casino with a Good Reputation

The reputation of a casino tells a lot about the games from a casino. Casinos with a good reputation will offer you your free slots with no extra conditions attached. To be sure your casino has a good reputation, you should consider the following criteria.

Criteria Types Description
License 1. Curaçao Gaming Control
2. IoM Gambling Supervision Commission
3. Gibraltar Gambling Ordinance
4. Alderney Gambling Commission
5. Kahnawake Gaming Commission
As a rule, the right casino must have a license. It is non-negotiable. This permission tells you how safe it is to play at the casino you are about to pick. Should you feel abused at any point using this casino, you can report to these regulators. 
Security Measures 
  1. Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) 
  2. Random Number Generators (RNG)
  3. Auditing Bodies and Commissions (eCOGRA, TST)
  4. Fraud detection
  5. Verified transactions
  6. Safe banking
  7. Confidentiality
Be sure that the casino you are about to play with has you fully secured. Some necessary technologies to look out for include SSL and RNG. SSL technology (Secure Socket Layers) is a method of encryption used by banks. That tells you how reliable it is when a casino uses it in keeping your personal information. On the other hand, RNG is what casinos use to ensure that all games are fair and give the same opportunities to win. A casino without these security protocols cannot be trusted.
Looks can sometimes deceive because no business would sell themselves out as bad. However, to some extent, customers would tell you how good a casino’s services are against their claims. Make sure you read a few of these reviews before making a decision.

Once you are done with this step, the rest of the way depends on your preferences.

Choose the casino Based on Preference.

One of the benefits of having so many casinos on the internet today is so; there is something for everyone. So, in selecting your casino and consequently selecting the best free slots, consider the following:

  1. Check the collection of games. Your ideal casino should have all or most of the titles you have been itching to play.
  2. Check for bonuses. And this is very important, so you don’t rip yourself. The bonuses could be in different forms, including match bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and welcome bonuses. Find the casino that offers you the best and, more importantly, with not so many clauses attached.
  3. Check the methods of payment. The payment method offered by your casino would go a long way to determine how easy and efficient your bets would be. Popular payment methods include credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, direct wire transfers, e-wallets—like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and more.
  4. While it’s unlikely that you have a problem with deposits, withdrawals are, particularly of particular concern. Read through the casino terms and be sure that their terms of withdrawal are convenient for you.
  5. Check the casino for their customer support. This part is essential in case you have issues with the casino. Usually, casinos allow you to contact them using three methods either by phone, live chat, or email. Make sure your casino of choice has good customer support.

Choose the casino Based on Preference

Free Slots For Fun

Now that you know how to choose the game of your choice, the question remains, why free slots. Why must you play these popular games? What do you stand to gain while playing the game?

The answer to that is simple; free online slots are free. That is, they allow you to have all the fun without paying any money. In addition to that, here are a few other benefits that you stand to gain from playing free slots.

  • Variety of games
  • Instant play
  • Safety
  • No Download No Registration
  • Free spins and bonus rounds
  • Mobile

Free Slot Themes

One of the benefits that you enjoy when it comes to free slots is the wide variety of games. As of today, there are more than 2000 games that you can play on the internet. More interestingly, these games have different plots and different themes. Popular themes include ancient Greek mythology, action, free Vegas slots, and so on.

The themes give the player a unique experience by allowing them to explore different aspects of life. Slots are now so advanced that there’s a slot for almost all topics in life. Think of anything right now, and it’s likely there is a slot for it.

For example, we have Egyptian themed slots like Book of Ra, Greek Mythology, and Golden Goddess. Under the TV show themes, we have the popular Wheel of Fortune slot and many more.

Instant Play

Instant play implies that players can immediately play their games without having to wait for anything. With free plays, players can go straight ahead to the game without having to go through the lengthy hassle of registration or downloads. Also, the player cuts the time needed for deposits. So, they go on starring and play their games with no disturbances whatsoever—good examples of this include Big Bad Wolf Slot, Black widow, and many more.

No Download

With most free online slots, you do not have to download the game to start playing. All you need to do is play directly from your phone’s browser. You can play free slots online with no download. This comes as a relief for many players who need to be discrete with their games. Also, it allows you to use your phone space for some other essential things.

Good examples of free slots you can play with no download include, Game of Thrones Slot, Dracula, and many more.

No Registration

One of the main advantages of free slots is that you can play them without registering. In the real money slots, you have to submit various documents to show that you own the account you want to make deposits. Also, to show that you are of age. Sometimes these processes can be tiring and long. But then, the free plays allow you to enjoy your games with no registration.

Free Spins Bonus

Even though free slots do not offer real money, there is still a chance that you can make money from them. This opportunity comes with free spins bonuses. Like the name, free spins bonus are free rounds that come for free and allow you to win money. There are different types, and they include

  • No deposit free spins: these are no download free slots with bonus rounds that will enable you to win real money. However, these are usually very small compared with what you win during real money games. These free spins sometimes may be subject to conditions including wagers, minimum deposit, and so on.
  • Wager-free free spins: these are free spins that you can claim without placing bets in a slot. However, they might have clauses attached to deposits, but you need not place a bet to claim them.
  • Deposit free spins: These are bonuses that you get from a slot after making a certain amount of deposit at the online casino.
  • Play money free spins: these are similar to the above, only that, to claim these free spin prizes, players must play a certain amount of game.
  • Real money free spins: Real money free spins are those that players would claim when they play games with real money.

Bonus Rounds Games

Bonus rounds are special rounds in slots that players can activate using special bonus symbols. These rounds add to the profitability of these slots in real money mode. On the other hand, for players in free play, the bonus rounds add more fun to the game—capturing the players’ minds for extended periods.

In most cases, these bonuses work with guaranteed payouts. That is, players are guaranteed to win once they reach these extraordinary levels. Since the gameplay usually differs from the regular play, gamblers look forward to playing them. Bonus games are of different types depending on the slot. They can be:

  • Wheel-Based: Like the name, in this bonus round type, spin a wheel to get a chance to win prizes. Note that not all the segments of the wheel have prizes to be won. Some pieces come empty.
  • “Click Me” Feature: In this type of bonus feature, players select between some options. Usually, a prize is hidden behind these options, and also, an option comes with nothing.
  • Arcade-Style: some games take the bonus round to another level. In these slots having arcade-style bonuses, the bonus round is another game in the slot. Sometimes, the in-game bonus might require no strategy, while in some cases, they might need some form of plan to win.
  • Free Spins: this type is the most common bonus in slots. To get these free spins, punters have to land several bonus symbols above normal. In such free spins round, gamblers also get multipliers. But then, there’s usually a trade-off between the number of free spins offered and multipliers’ value. With an increased number of free spins, you get a minimal value of the multiplier.
  • Retriggering: Some slots also allow the player to reactivate the free spins round. Depending on the game, the rules might differ. While some will have you land several symbols during the free spins round, others would have you do something else. The key here is to check the paytable to see what you need to do to get the free spins retriggered.
  • Gamble Feature: this is not a bonus feature. Instead, it is an optional game on its own. Depending on the game, gamblers have to pick a card correctly between three options or roll a dice or pick between head and tail for a tossed coin. Either way, the principle remains the same.

Gamble FeatureWant to try them right now? Here are some games that have the best bonuses:

  • Pharaoh’s fortune: the game has a bonus round, a random number of free spins, and offers up to 3x multipliers
  • Jurassic Park: this game gives you five bonus features, 12 free spins, and progressive jackpots
  • Game of Thrones slot has two bonus features, four free spin choices, and a multiplier of up to 4x
  • Gladiator Jackpot has 12 free spins, up to 3x multipliers, and progressive jackpots.
  • Rocky: This slot has two bonuses and multipliers up to 5x.

Mobile Play

The mobile play tells you if the game is available on mobile. In the past, games were only available on PC. However, in recent times, thanks to HTML5 technology, people now have access to these games on their phones. That means people can take the fun with them whenever and wherever they wish to go.

Slot Odds and Payouts

In every slot, there is a section called the paytable. The slots’ paytable carries information on how the slot pays its players for combinations of different symbols. For most games, the paytable is usually dynamic. That means the value on each of the symbols would increase or reduce with the value of your bet.

You might not bother checking the play table if you are playing on a free slot. That’s because, unlike the real money slots, you will not win the jackpot. Should you want to switch at any point in the game, you can do that by visiting a casino that allows you to play for real money. Most times, almost all casinos will enable you to play both for free and for real money. Quit the demo session, register if you haven’t, make deposits, and start playing.real money and free slotsThe main difference between the two, real money and free slots, is the money. While real slots accept money at the start, free slots do not. Because of that, players can use free slots as an opportunity to learn how to play. Also, gamblers with free play lose the chance to win real money because there are no deposits. Although there could be a chance to win some money with no deposit bonuses, the money to be won is small compared with what you have with real money slots.

That’s not all, because real money slots deal with money, a lot goes into their registration. Gamblers have to submit several documents to prove that they are old enough to play and own the accounts they are making deposits. Free slots, on the other hand, do not require all that. Players can enter their favorite casino online and start playing for free, instantly.

When you play real money slots, you cannot calculate your odds of winning. That’s because these games do not work on certainty. Instead, they work with random numbers that determine what happens at random. However, you have a few figures that can tell you how well the game plays. These figures are calculated over several spins. Therefore, they do not give you a direct prediction of what to expect from the slot.

First amongst these figures is the RTP. Return to player RTP tells you how well the slot pays on average and how much returns the player in every round of spin on average. The word to note here is “on average.”

The second is the house edge, and it is the difference between the RTP and 100%. The house edge tells you how much of the wager goes to the casino in the long run. So let’s assume a slot has 95% RTP. It means, in the long run, the casino would have gotten 5% of all the money that slot takes in as bets while players would have 95%.

Free Online Pokies by Countries

Free online pokies are becoming increasingly popular in the world. The free plays are so popular, the number of players who play it would surprise you. At the moment, more than 20% of casino players from different countries of the world agree that they play for free every day.


Australia is quickly becoming a popular destination for gambling in the world. The country is noted for its gambling culture, and many of its players enjoy the free play. Significant changes were made to gambling laws in 2017. With the new regulations, casino owners are mandated to pay more attention to their players’ health.


Things are a bit different in the UK. While gambling is not as popular as it is in Australia, many game developers stay and make their games in England. Free pokies are also popular in the UK. On the 14th of April 2020, the UKGC canceled credit cards for gambling. This, according to the council, was so citizens of the UK would not lose their valuables or get in debt from gambling.


In the US, free slots are also prevalent, like they are across the globe. Twenty states in the US, including New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and many more, allowed betting this year.

Casino Slots Developers

The developer of your gameplays a significant role in deciding whether or not you will enjoy the game. While some developers make the best games, some other developers do not have what it takes to produce quality games. Also, the different developers’ styles differ, and so, they appeal to different types of players. The following is a brief description of the biggest developers in the slots industry that you can trust.

IGT  It is a famous developer based in the UK. They are responsible for many games, including Coyote Moon, Ghostbusters, Kitty Glitter, Noah’s Ark, and many more.
NetEnt This is a company based in the UK. Their area of specialty is modern 3D games. Examples of their games include Steam Tower and Zombies.
Aristocrat This is a multinational software provider that makes free pokies like the Lightning Link, 5 Dragons, Queen on Nile and moon and many other slots.
NextGen  This is one of the oldest and most experienced developers. The developer has created several games in online and land-based casinos across the world. Some of their games include Doctor Love, Medusa, and Dolphin Reef.
Microgaming  It is a gambling firm based in the UK. The firm owns favorite slots like Tweethearts and Book of Oz.
Bally  It is a leading manufacturer and gaming-based technology provider. It is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They became extremely famous for Fireball, Golden Pharaoh, Vegas Huts, and Michael Jackson slots.
Konami  It is very popular, even outside of gambling. The Asian company is behind triple-A projects in the gambling industry.
Novomatic  It is another multinational brand, and they are famous for Pharaoh’s Tomb, Power Stars, and Reel King.
WMS It is just starting on the scenes. However, they aim to be the best in the game. The European company is responsible for games like Bier Haus.
Playtech  It has been around since 1999. Ever since they have led the market together with other giants in the gambling space. Their online slot collection has over 200 thrilling titles, including jackpots and branded games. Important titles include Age of the Gods, Book of Ra, Marvel slot machines, such as the X-Men and  Iron Man slots.

Tips for Playing Free Slots

Based on what you have read so far and recommendations from experienced players on the internet, the following is a list of dos and don’ts that will help you do well while playing free slots. First, we start with the do’s.


  1. Ensure you do proper research before you play at any casino. 
  2. Be sure that the casino of your choice is safe enough to gamble. That is if it has licenses and also uses safety security technologies. Like SSL and RNG
  3. Check to see if your country allows gambling. 
  4. Check the bonuses and play with casinos that offer the best.
  5. Play slots with high RTP 
  6. Play as many free plays as you can to access the volatility and see what level of risk suits you. 
  7. Select game providers that you are comfortable with playing their games. 


  1. Do not rush into playing any slot game.
  2. Do not play without checking to see the paytable.
  3. Do not play with real money if you do not have a budget.
  4. Do not play with real money if you do not have a strategy. 
  5. Do not play with money; you do not plan to lose.

The Best Slots Strategy

The truth with slots is that no one strategy applies to all titles. The winnings in slots do not depend on how you play; instead, a significant part comes from how lucky you are. As such, you cannot predict the outcomes of your games. However, you can play safe by doing some of the following.

  1. If the slot has an adjustable number of pay lines, be sure to use the maximum number of the pay lines. That way, you will win more cash if you hit a win.
  2. There is no definite rule as regards how much you should bet. Keep in mind that the more you bet, the more you stand to win and also lose. But then, the twist is, for slots that have progressive jackpots, betting more means you are closer to becoming a millionaire, should you hit a significant pot.
  3. While titles with the high RTP don’t necessarily give high payouts, there’s usually consistency on the average. So, you might pick more slots with higher RTP.
  4. Massive jackpots might be extremely hard to activate; however, they are usually lucrative when you start them. So, you might consider this a part of your strategy to pick slots with good jackpots.
  5. The more you play, the more you increase your chance of winning at slots. So, don’t short change yourself. Play as many times as you can. But remember to play responsibly.

Trends That Will Transform Free Slots in 2021

Technology is moving the world forward in various spheres, and gambling is not left behind. Thanks to improved technology, we have seen slots improve with the following trends.

  • Improved Mobile Technologies: With advancements in mobile technology in terms of phones, tablets, and laptops, gamblers can now have access to their favorite games on the go.
  • Digital Wagering Shops: Thanks to technology, there is now a virtual environment where they can gamble by just sending a copy of their IDs. The environment online is just as similar to what we have in land-based casinos.
  • Social Casino: Thanks to the internet and social media, people can now place bets at social casinos. These casinos try to give players the feeling of what it is like betting at a casino with friends. Players interact and play their favorite games on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Improved security: Using artificial intelligence and big data, casinos have been able to beef up security to meet the age challenges. Casinos have bot detection software that helps those suspicious flag accounts and ensure people don’t cheat with AI.
  • Customer #1 Approach: Using big data and AI as well, casinos can now give better service to their customers. Chatbots are there that communicate with humans in real-time. Also, customers are treated in the best way to ensure satisfaction.
  • More bonus offers: Using AI and big data, customers now get bonus suggestions that suit them based on their play.

More bonus offers

Playing Free Slots in 2021

The journey that brought us the slots of today has been eventful. We would never forget the crisis in early 2020 that made more people enjoy slots from their homes. Interestingly, while all sectors of the major economies in the world suffered damage, the online slot industry saw a rise. Looking forward, we expect that the industry continues to grow. This unique space would invite more investors and technology. In 2021, we hope to see more augmented reality in online slots. We also expect to have more virtual reality casinos online.

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