2021 Formula 1: New Rules Ensure Level-playing Field With Faster, Exciting Races

Ahead of the new season, Formula 1 has made changes in rules about car design, team budgets, etc. to ensure a high level of competition among the teams, which will give spectators their money’s worth.

Formula 1 has made an announcement detailing the changes in rules in different areas for the 2021 season.

Firstly, the design of cars has been changed. The new cars will be heavier and be fitted with 18-inch wheels, which will allow fitting of bigger brakes. It will address safety concerns.

The front and rear wings of the cars, as well as the floor car, have been modified, suspension simplified, and wheel-wake control devices have been fitted for smoother air-flow.

Formula-1 has claimed that all the changes made in the new car, as mentioned above, will decrease airflow disruption by 45%.

Also, Formula-1 has imposed restrictions on the number of times a part can be replaced during a race weekend. It has also standardized certain parts of the car. It will ensure that a team does not install a superior part at the last moment and thereby gain an unfair advantage over the competition.

Formula-1 has imposed a limit of $175M on expenses towards improving the performance of the car per team per season. It will appoint an auditor who will go through account books of various teams to ensure the limit is not breached. It will level the playing field for smaller teams who do not have financial power that a McClaren or a Ferrari possesses. It also helps to find the truly best driver as all the cars will be on an equal footing technologically.

The pre-race press conference will now be held on Friday, just before the first practice session.

To give a chance for new drivers to display their talent, a new rule has made it mandatory for all teams to give at least two practice sessions to drivers who have taken part in 2 or less Grand Prix. For years new drivers have to beg teams for giving them a test-drive, now the teams will be obliged to give new drivers a chance. It will not only give a chance to new drivers but keep established drivers on their toes as space at the top is very limited at the pinnacle of racing that is F1.

All the cars will be fitted with a 1.6-liter hybrid-assisted turbo V-6 engine.

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