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Kings follow up for a 6-5 victory over the Jets

The Kings looked to fall behind by a huge margin, but that is just quick judgment talking right now. Having been through the entire Kings versus Jets episode, it is right to say that there was a fightback from the Kings for a victory that its fans wanted to see. Unfortunately for the Jets, the team lost its 4th consecutive NHL game to stay in the 4th position in the Central Division.

Kopitar brought his A-game last evening to score four goals. Many believe all six goals could have been in his name if he had wanted that to happen.

Todd McLellan said Kopitar has a hot hand, and all his shots can put a goal on the board. The head coach of the winning side even went on to say that he could have scored all six goals. Todd has appreciated Kopitar for displaying valuable leadership wherein he stepped up to perform for the Kings, thereby inspiring everyone to follow him to victory.

The Jets had a 2–0 lead in the first quarter of the game. The Kings were willing to take the lead, but the sport had a plan to keep the action alive for the audience. The following section saw both teams take three shots for success before the Kings put on a show of skill for two more decisive goals. Vilardi tied the game for the Kings at a time when only four minutes were left on the clock. Kempe took the final shot in the shootout, giving the team the winning edge it had been looking for since the beginning.

Copley ends the five-game trip with a mark of 2-2-1, having saved 26 shots taken by the Jets.

Josh attempted successful shots two times and assisted other team members to keep the Jets in the play. Losing could not make him speak against Kopitar, who said that it was pretty impressive for him to play at that level. Josh also said that it was unfortunate for the Jets that Kopitar brought his A-game last evening.

The Jets are not having the best time, losing four matches consecutively. Their last defeat came against the Islanders, where the side went goalless, unable to match the target of four goals scored across three sections of the game. Their next match is with the Oilers. It is a chance to break the losing streak and raise the charts for the division.

The Kings did not do well in their previous game, losing it with a final tally of 5-2 against the Rangers. NHL betting sites leaned more towards the Kings because they had won a game before that event against the Islanders 3-2.

The Kings, currently second in the Pacific Division, will next face the Canadiens.

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