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Know All About Different Types of Casino Bonuses

For casino companies, attracting new customers and retaining the old ones is essential. Since the casino industry is highly competitive, most businesses know that they stand to lose a lot if they aren’t attractive to customers. As such, most will work overtime to make their sites and games irresistible.

Other than just offering amazing gaming opportunities, casinos offer bonuses for their new and current players. These bonuses can come in different sizes. If you are calculating enough with them, they could elevate your gaming experience and result in your big win. However, making the most out of your bonuses trickles down to how well you understand the different bonuses. 

Here are the different types of bonuses you can expect:

Welcome Bonuses

If you are a new player for a specific casino company, you will most likely come across a welcome bonus. These bonuses are targeted at new players as incentives to join the platform. In most cases, welcome bonuses come in the form of matched deposit bonuses and free spins. Most companies often tie welcome bonuses to your first deposit. However, others offer no deposit welcome bonuses, which can typically be used on specific games. You can find these offers at

First Deposit Bonuses

As a first-time player for a specific casino site, you could be greeted with a first deposit bonus. These bonuses are typically matched to the first deposit you make into your account. While some companies pay by adding some cash into your casino account, others return part of your deposit as the bonus. These bonuses come as a percentage of the deposit you make.

For instance, if the casino promises to match your deposit by 100%, a deposit of £50 will attract an additional £50 to your account. These percentages will vary from company to company, and most bonuses will have a limit for the amount you can deposit to earn them.

Regular Player Bonuses

Veteran players also earn bonuses as part of the casino’s loyalty scheme. However, most of these bonuses are typically matched to some specific requirements. For instance, you might need to wager a specific amount during a specified period to enjoy the bonus. While they aren’t as large as welcome bonuses, you will enjoy a substantial amount. 

Such bonuses can be enjoyed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Most casinos announce these promotions on their website, at the top or bottom of the screen. Signing up for an online casino’s newsletter could also help to keep you on the loop for these bonuses.

Non-Matched Deposit Bonuses

Rather than offering rewards as a percentage of a deposit, non-matched deposit bonuses come tied to fixed prices. The bonuses can come in the form of cash rewards or free spins and are often tied to specific wagering requirements. You will receive a payout based on your winnings, without including the amount you stake in most instances. For instance, if you opt to wager a £25 bonus, the payout will only include the £25 win and not the amount you wagered.

Free Spins

It is common for casinos to offer free spins when playing specific slot games. While some casino companies use free spins as part of the deposit bonuses for new players, others will provide the spins if a player reaches a target spend. When aiming to get free spins, you need to check the deposit required and the allowed stake for each spin. You are bound to win more from £5 spins than £0.50 ones.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are often a rare incentive in the casino world. It is a payment that is made into your account without you having to make any deposit. In most cases, the catch is that you need to have met specific wagering requirements or input special offer codes to unlock these bonuses.

Read the Fine Print to Enjoy Bonuses

All bonuses come tied to some terms and conditions. In most cases, understanding the fine print of these terms is essential to making the most of the bonuses. You will need to pay attention to terms like wagering requirements, bonus limits, weighted games, and time limits. 

In the case of wagering requirements, a casino needs to spend a specific amount with them before you can withdraw your bonus. Some wagering requirements come with fixed periods during which you can earn the bonus. In other cases, you could be limited to using your bonus for a specific period, after which the bonus will be revoked. Take your time to understand these small details to get the most bang for your buck.

Bonuses are meant to make playing in the different casino sites fun. They offer you a boost to keep playing and promise a big win if you use them in the right way. Take your time and research about the different bonuses offered by a casino to take full advantage.

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