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Kyle Shanahan is Adamant That George Kittle Will One Day Return to His Former Self

It appears that George Kittle is on a lifeline that has been extended further by the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers with a statement expressing that he was not concerned with the lower production from the tight end offense. George Kittle missed the first two games of the season due to a groin injury. His return has not been a dream for many, but there is a belief that tables will turn eventually.

Fans and the fantasy community are on the brink of collapse unless Kittle delivers in the upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers on October 10, 2022.

Kittle’s return to the field has registered 6 receptions on 9 targets for 52 yards in the last games. Kyle Shanahan has backed him, saying that a healthy Kittle eventually will be the Kittle of old. Kyle believes that his form will take care of itself.

Stress is higher on how much Kittle practices. Assuming he maintains his fitness record without any injury, there is an opportunity that he could make a comeback to the old routine. It was surprising to learn when his name appeared in the injury report leading to his sideline in the first two games.

Statistically speaking, the performance since his return on the field has not been that impressive, and overall play has been less than decent.

Expectations are always high from someone who holds the hat for a three-time Pro Bowler with an overall grade of 56.1. The trend goes beyond the previous 2 games. Kittle’s performance in the last 8 games has been unexpected – low production. Kittle caught 21 balls for 220 yards  during those games.

Kyle continued to stress that he was not worried, saying that Kittle did a good job in the game. His presence covers runs and passes, evident from the recent win over the Los Angeles Rams, where the margin was huge with a total tally of 24-9.

Fans and players of NFL betting sites eagerly await Kittle to display some action just like in the old days. The San Francisco 49ers have won some and lost some. Therefore, fans and the community will be less likely to withdraw their support. The wait for a healthy comeback will remain in the books.

The 49ers recently won against the Rams. Three games before that had a single win and 2 losses. A game against the Panthers on October 10, 2022, and a game against the Falcons on October 16, 2022, will present the situation where the 49ers can redeem their losses to be on the favorable board. Get more information on NFL betting odds and place bets on your favorites!

Meanwhile, Kyle Shanahan has sent a message to the NFL asking to end the hold against Nick Bosa, which has been in effect since 2019. When asked if Bosa was getting held on a high volume of games, Kyle simply agreed to add that it has always been a tough situation.

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