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LA28 proposes five new sports for the Olympic 2028

LA28 has proposed adding five new sports to the line-up of the games. Olympic 2028 will be held in Los Angeles, and authorities are making sure that they are able to cover a major portion of the games. Newly proposed sports are the T20 format of cricket, squash, baseball/softball, lacrosse, and flag football. The IOC will now review the list, that is, the International Olympic Committee, and votes will then decide which games are included.

The International Olympic Committee will review the proposal at its 141st IOC Session, which is scheduled to happen on October 16, 2023.

The LA28 Chairperson, Casey Wasserman, has expressed confidence that the Committee will approve the majority of the games. This is because more games will bring more athletes to the competition. Plus, having a diversified line-up allows every fan to engage with the event. This has to be true, considering one would not ideally see cricket fans walk around the venues of the Olympics so passionately.

The benefit extends to digital spaces as well. Casey has said that having more games will mean an expansion of games not just in physical venues but also in digital spaces. This will help achieve the mission of delivering an unparalleled experience.

Wasserman has backed the suggestions by saying that the games are innovative, relevant, and community-based. Considering they are played across the stadiums in the US, it only makes sense to have them in the final event for a better experience and engagement.

This has been tagged as a forward-thinking approach that reflects the optimism, diversity, and creativity of Los Angeles. Assuming the IOC approves the list, the games will help strengthen ties with international federations and professional leagues. The Chief Executive Officer of LA28 has spoken on this too. Kathy Carter has said that they have approached the suggestion holistically and authentically to ensure their decision is based on fiscal responsibility.

LA28 currently only has the right to make suggestions. It cannot directly add any sport to the tournament. Nevertheless, Kathy has said that they do not mind challenging the status quo and thinking differently about a possible gaming line-up. Calling the proposal bold and balanced, Kathy has said it will energize the relevant games across cultures.

According to the latest sports news, LA28 is an organizing committee that already has 28 games in the initial sports program. These include Badminton, Handball, Golf, Tennis, Judo, Table Tennis, and Athletics, to mention a few.

The IOC evaluates suggestions based on factors like gender equality, economic responsibility, fan interest, sports integrity, and youth relevance.

LA28 has drafted a framework expressing its commitment to reusing venues and sports parks to stand true to a people-first approach. The new proposal is supported by a holistic review of each sport and its ability to have a positive impact.

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