Little River Casino and Resort help raise funds for Lunch Debt of public schools

The cryptocurrency casino, Little River and Resort are inviting firms in the premises to come forward to help the students to reduce lunch debts in the county. Various activities like a pop can drives, bake sales, collection jars can be carried out to clear the debts.

The debt of lunch has now become worth $11,000. This initiative lets businesses come with innovative and enjoyable means to raise funds for a noble cause.

According to a report, in this event of fundraising, the firm that raises the maximum amount will get a reward from the casino. 

Samantha Nelson from Little River Casino & Resort said,

These debts carry with the children all the way through school, and they just need to be paid by the time they graduate.”

“It takes a big burden off the parents and the children and it ensures that they have a nutritious meal every day.”

Anyone interested to donate and participate cam sign up by sending an email at till September 26th.

The Public Schools superintendent in Manistee, Ron Stoneman received a payment of $500 against lunch debt by Carolyn along with Ken Witter. These people belonged to the World of Arts and Crafts in Manistee.

Although, even prior to the event, donations were being received from people for different school districts for clearing up the debt.

The food director of public schools said that they are honored to get a $500 sum from the people of the World of Arts and Crafts, Manistee to pay their debts. Carlson responded with gratitude that appreciates the gesture even though the debt is pretty much than the amount.

Carlson said,

Manistee Area Public School Nutrition Department would like to say thank you to the Manistee World of Arts & Crafts for the $500 donation to our student lunch debt, We will use the funds to pay off as many lunch accounts as we can. What a wonderful gift this is to our local families and children.”

The same circumstance arose in Bear Lake Schools. The principal of the school, Sarah Harless spoke in an interview that, 2018-19 debt on lunch was taken care of with donation of $460 by, Tanya and Steve Allen and Anne Eggers from Saddle up.

We still want to be considered for the Manistee County School Challenge, but they paid our school lunch debt in the 2018-19 school year,” said Harless. “We are so lucky and so fortunate because we always have a community or business members that step up to support our schools and make things happen for us. It’s something they wanted to do to help. We are just so appreciative because it helps our schools and students out.”

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