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Mike Rizzo to become the fourth-longest-serving Head of Operations

Baseball is noted for its rapid evolution, both on and off the field. The game has seen a lot of changes in the clubhouses, front offices, and even the offices of the managers over the years.

In a field with such a pattern, Mike Rizzo has defied the norm by serving as the Nationals’ general manager for 14 consecutive seasons. In 2009, Rizzo joined the Washington Nationals, a team that was on the verge of collapse.

It was a time when the Lerner family had just been in charge of the team for three years. Stan Kasten, the team president, has also spent little time with the team. In 2022, after accumulating a number of victories, the team has become a fan favorite.

What remained constant during these years was Mike Rizzo’s presence as the GM of the team. As spring training commences, Rizzo will serve as the team’s GM for the 15th season. Such a feat has only been achieved thrice in the majors by :-

  • Brian Cashman for the Yankees (1998)
  • Ken Williams for the White Sox (2000)
  • John Mozeliak for the Cardinals (2007)

Even these three had to find their general manager replacements to switch to a higher position on the team. On the other hand, Rizzo is serving as the team’s GM and the president of baseball operations.

Four assistant managers work under Rizzo, and two of them have worked on the major-league side. The setup has worked well for the team, so there is no reason to make unnecessary changes.

Rizzo’s accomplishment is even generating buzz on Baseball betting sites, as sports fans are speculating about the GMs’ impending decision. Even reports that the Nationals will be sold in 2023 have minimal impact on Rizzo’s position.

If this were to occur, the new owner would need to decide whether or not to make any changes to the tried-and-true system.

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